mercredi 28 février 2024

Arte, Wow Skins, KUMIHO, Planet 29, Reborn Event.

 Lelutka Head Avalon 3.1- Evox
A R T E - FROST Eyes
8 color options
Unrigged Mesh Eyes, Mesh Eyes hud with resize/repositioning options
Lelutka Applier evo/evox (left & right), BOM
.Wow Skins ./ The Skinnery  KHAOTIKA skin & shape (EVO-X) > REBORN EVENT until March 7
worn in sorbet ( The Skinnery)
No eyebrows option, evox eyeliner tattoo
shape for eBody reborn /Waifu, Legacy/Maitreya - worn
[theSkinnery] Luna Body Skin (LEGACY) sorbet
RAMA.SALON - Adora Hair
^^Swallow^^ Gauged S Ears
KUMIHO Chained Ring Stacks > Planet 29  - February 29 - March 22
16 metals, L and R, Double Rings, stacked rings
Andore Lex, Swallow gauged S and XL Dropped
Male and Female available
.[ KUMIHO ]. Mandala Neck Tattoo Black

Landgraff, Noir, Lexa Store, Dubai Event

 Landgraff - Skull Leg Fades
Lower body BOM applier ( leg and foot), 6 colors, opacity levels choices : 70 and 100% +3D shine materials
NOIR - The Best nightmare boots
Fatpack hud driven 8 colors
Legacy, Reborn, Maitreya.
Lexa - Natera Coffin Nails > Dubai Event until March 15
Bento mesh nails Legacy, Ebody Reborn, Maitreya, Kupra

mardi 27 février 2024

Arte, Minois, Voguel, Purplemoon, Slavia Jewels.

 Lelutka Head SIWA 3.1- Evox
A R T E - FROST Eyes [LeLutka]
Minois Shape Jodie Lelutka Siwa head 3.1
Voguel - Sierra Skin  (EVOX)
Lelutka EVOX / Akeruka EVOX
12 Velour Tones: Frost, Blush, Icy, Porcelain, Snow, Dune, Valley, Chantilly, Rosekiss, Sienna, Ibiza & Sunkiss ( worn in chantilly)
7 Not Found Tones: Alabaster, Buff, Peach, Viena, Sorbet, Aurora & Toffee
6 Skinnery Tones: Milk, Champagne, Honey, Sena, Toffee & Bronze
Includes :  Normal / Browless Option / Shape (designed for Avalon)
Neckblend / Realistic Ears BOM
:: pm :: Zoey Romper
A cute and fun release Valentine's inspired. Available in multiple color options and compatible with Maitreya, Lara X, Legacy+Perky, Reborn+Waifu and GenX curvy
Slavia  Necklace "Heart locked"
Original mesh and textures
HUD - Texture change 4 metal,  Natural shine
Mutresse-Dobby Cats, Laying3-Chubby Puppies

lundi 26 février 2024

Wow Skins, Baiastice, Collabor 88, Reborn Event.

 Lelutka Head Avalon 3.1- Evox
A R T E - NEBULA Eyes [LeLutka]
.Wow Skins ./VELOUR  KHAOTIKA skin & shape (EVO-X) > REBORN EVENT until March 7
6 WOW SKIN TONES (full body bom, compatible with Maitreya, Legacy, Ebody reborn, Kahlene Erika)
9 VELOUR SKIN TONES (Icy, porcelain, snow, chantilly, Rose kiss, sienna, sunkiss & Praline) ( worn in icy)
No eyebrows option, evox eyeliner tattoo
shape - worn
RAMA.SALON - Honey Hair
Baiastice_Oslo Outfit Legacy > Collabor 88 Event until March 6
available in 16 colors
Hide/Show Lower shirt - Panties - Skirt
Fat Pack 50% Off all colors by HUD + 12 + 12 Bonus

* Oslo Hat & Scarf
in 16 colors - 10 Fur shades
Hide/Show lower scarf part
Unrigged/Resizable Hat & Rigged scarf

Reborn + Waifu - Belleza X (Classic & Curvy)- Kupra - Legacy - Perky - Maitreya + X - Petite + X

dimanche 25 février 2024

Amnesia , Alpha Event.

 Volkstone Thiff Hairbase 

AMNESIA - Levi Shorts  >  ALPHA EVENT until March 17th
[Signature] Gianni Body - Body - v6.1