samedi 21 octobre 2017

Diva Couture, Dark Passions - Koffin Nails, NightMare Event.

From Virtual Diva Couture comes "Catrina" a new release , It is a shoulder-less floor length gown with a form fitting clingy fit.  The bodice and midriff feature a color design set on the black gown.  It is repeated again below the knee. You will be happy to know that the crow, fur, earrings,  choker, an uncommon Hat and Flowers ( not worn here)  are included in the sale. Enjoy it!

Dark Passions - Koffin Nails brings this NEW Applier type for the Astralia Stiletto mesh nails. "Sadistic Stripes" Appliers for fingernails are glossy black stripes with choice of bloody or Clean! 6 different colors!
Nightmare Event 

Catwa head Bento  Catya v2.10
7 Deadly s[K]ins -  Serika  shape C/M  ( modified length body/legs) - NEW
7 Deadly s[K]ins -  Serika omega FACE&BODY Taupe - NEW
MESANGE -    Eyes Solitude  Omega #04 > The Chapter Four October Gacha Event > oct 30
.:::Savage Omega:::... La Catrina 03 face
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 - feet high- Bento Hands
Stealthic - Sensual (Bento Fitted)
Virtual Diva  Catrina Pack
Astralia - Compatible nails system Maitreya Stiletto
Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Astralia Stiletto HUD - Sadistic Stripes > Nightmare Event > Oct 31

vendredi 20 octobre 2017

7 Deadly s[K]ins, Mesange, Giuliadesign, Petit Chat, !Indulge Temptations!, West End, Swank Event, The Mad Circus 3, The Dark Style Fair, The Underdog Event

7 Deadly s[K]ins brings us " Lisa" a marvellous freckled omega skin applier available  in
6 skintones.
> Ebento Event
Mesange offers "Anomalia" a set of 15 scary eye shades ! All the eyes are unisex and come in 4 sizes with standard eyes, mesh eyes and Omega appliers.
Demo and fatpack available.
> Exclusives for The Dark Style Fair 5 - The Day of the Dead.
Giuliadesign features " Morticia" including a gorgeous red corset on tight black pants worn in high over the knee black boots. The corset shows of lovely details.
Outfit in Classic, mesh 5 sizes, Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and Omega appliers. Boots Slink, Maitreya, Belleza.
> Swank Event

!Indulge Temptations! brings " Pointy Cross" Necklace in 6 different color packs, 100% unrigged mesh, hud driven 10 metal options, 51+8 up to 11 color versions, depending the #.
Exclusive Swank Event

Also from !Indulge Temptations! we have " Allegra" Mask, a beautiful mask in 6 different color packs, 100% unrigged mesh, hud driven 10 metal options, 8 up to 11 gem colors versions, depending the #.
> Exclusive The Mad Circus 3.

*Petit Chat* released " Themis" a set of gorgeous armlets. These exquisite armlets are certainly put in the right place... right on your arms. They are 100% original mesh and hud driven with 6 color and 6 metal options for the full pack and 2 metals options in single packs.
> The Underdog Event
From West End we have a set of 5 "Grave Desires" props and pose( 4 single and 1 couple) Wonderful for the Halloween Time!
> Swank Event.

Catwa head Bento  Catya v2.10
 Shape : own
7 Deadly s[K]ins - LISA freckled omega FACE&BODY caramel > Ebento Event > October 31

MESANGE - Anomalia Eyes  Omega #15> The Dark Style Fair 5 - The Day of the Dead > Nov 4.
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 - feet high- Bento Hands
TRUTH / Lady
Giuliadesign *Morticia Red - Maitreya > Swank Event > October 31
*Petit Chat* Themis armlets > The Underdog Event > Nov 4
!Indulge Temptations! - Pointy Cross Necklace> Swank Event > October 31
!Indulge Temptations! - Allegra Mask> The Mad Circus 3 > October 31
[ west end ] Grave Desires 1 w.prop > Swank Event > October 31

jeudi 19 octobre 2017

Milla Rasmuson MakeUp, Indulge Temptation, LX Essentials, Slipper Originals, Exclusive Underdog Event, The Avenue, The Mad Circus3, The Darkness Monthly Event

Milla Rasmuson Makeup offers us " Zatanna" a gorgeous eyeshadow for Catwa Bento head ( also available for Lelutka bento head) in 7 different shades with option one eye with cat or both eyes, the choice is yours :)
> The Darkness Monthly Event

Indulge Temptation offers 12 packs of 5 lipsticks each called " Soft and Sweet", Catwa appliers only , demo available!
Check them out !
> The Avenue

From LX Essentials comes "Cirque Leotard" a 100% original LX Design. A beautiful piece to have in your wardrobe!
Cirque Leotard is available in 8 separate colours. Each colour comes with colour HUDS to change the bottom and the straps.
Fitted for Lara, Hourglass, Freya, Isis, and Physique.
> The Mad Circus3

Slipper Originals features "Crescent" Necklace, a cute necklace with moon, beads , a kitty and star on a small rope. Hud driven with 15 colors to choose from for the diffrent parts of the necklace + on/off kitty/star.
> Exclusive Underdog Event

head Bento  Catya v2.10
:WoW Skins::. BENTO SHAPE Sumaya (Modified height and length legs)> Black Fair Event >October 21
.::WoW Skins::.  Sumaya Tan Catwa applier> Black Fair Event > October 21
MESANGE - Mantis Eyes  Omega #09 > We Love Roleplay > October 30
MRM "Zatanna" Eyes Makeup for Catwa Head > The Darkness Monthly Event > October31
!Indulge Temptation! - Soft & Sweet Lipstick 1 > The Avenue > October 25
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 - feet high- Bento Hands
TRUTH / Lady
*LX Essentials* CIrque 3 Leotard Maitreya > The Mad Circus3 > October 31
Slipper Originals - Crescent Necklace > Exclusive Underdog Event > Nov 4

mercredi 18 octobre 2017

West End, LR Designs, Luminesse, Swank Event.

West End comes with this adorable sensuous Shape Chloe for Catwa Catya Bento. This is a 100% original shape, modify and copy. 
> West End Mainstore
LR Designs features a great corset style "Mamba" with gloves. "Cute" spiders above midriff and on gloves. Available in black/pink and Pink ( Maitreya and Belleza)
> Swank Event

From Luminesse we have a Modern Feminine Design called " Lisben Falimi", a Gothic Inspired choker Set. Beautiful emerald cut diamonds hold colorful inset gems that are topped with smooth studs. Titanium metal binds it all together with curling glistening beauty.  This is a very classy unique design that is dark and delicious, it will show off your favorite outfits to perfection.
> Swank Event.

Catwa head Bento  Catya v2.10
[ west end ] Shapes - Chloe (CATWA Catya Bento)
7 Deadly s[K]ins - Serika omega FACE&BODY taupe
MESANGE -    Eyes Quartz Omega #05 > MOH10 > Oct 31
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 - feet high- Bento Hands
Stealthic Reprise (Bento)
LR Designs Mamba black-pink Maitreya> Swank Event > Oct 30
Luminesse Lisben Falimi Choker Set > Swank Event > Oct 30

mardi 17 octobre 2017

!!Firelight!! Hair, WellMade, DB Poses, Designer Circle 165.

!!Firelight!! Hair brings us "Pandora" which  is a long straight rigged mesh style. She has striking bangs and a cute bun on top. She is part of Firelight's Gen2 Collection. Each hair has a hud with 12 colors (except darks which has 18) in each of two effects: wispy/natural or rich/full. Color sets are: Black&White, Blonds, Browns, Darks, Essentials, FantasyColors, Pastels, Reds, and a fatpac is also available. There is also a color wheel so you can tint to your liking.
> Designer Circle 165

WellMade features " Rebecca" a lovely simple and sleeveless short dress following the curves of the body and ending on a curvy hem.
Includes Maitreya, Slink x2.
Hud driven with a choice of 10 color shades.
> Designer Circle 165

DB Poses comes with a cute pose called " Just one second" . Find this pose and lot more on Marketplace.

[Akeruka] Mesh Head Valerie Vers. 2.6 Bento
7 Deadly s[K]ins - Liva Shape C/M > Cosmetic Fair >  October 15 > 31
7 Deadly s[K]ins - Lyric  omega FACE&BODY  caramel > Designer Showcase> October 31
MESANGE - Arden Eyes  Omega #06 > Hipster Men Event > November 6
 Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 - feet high- Bento Hands
!!Firelight!!Pandora Gen2- brown > Designer Circle 165> Oct 27
[WellMade] Rebecca Dress - Maitreya > Designer Circle 165> Oct 27
DB Poses - Just one second