lundi 30 juin 2014

EYELURE Lounge Tee w/Sunglasses - NEW

Hii all! Let me show you the cute Lounge Tee with sunglasses from EYELURE.

Short  sleeves, deep V neckline , sunglasses and much confort in this Tee Lounge.  You could

take a glance, or dance in this casually glamorous shirt. Personnaly today I wear this Tee to
have a long walk in the woods and even to have some good exercice as you can see!
Available in SolidPink , WhiteSun and PurpleButter

Get yours today!

                                                            Lounge Tee in SolidPink

Eyelure :  Lounge Tee with sunglasses ( available in SolidPink , WhiteSun and PurpleButter)
Wasabi  :  Zoey Mesh Hair - Golden
Eyelure : Make-up  :  Kiss Me - Pink
                                   Perfect Lash  
Kunglers  bracelets mixed :  previousTDRF
Slink : Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant
           Female Feet (AvEnhance)  - High

Happy day to all !         


LISANA ( mesh)

                                                LISANA in Red and Purple.

Lillou has picked the perfect name for this new creation..... LISANA! ( I don't know why I like it so

much ;) Smartly strapped over the shoulders the embroidered design starts high on the chest. The top

flairs out nicely with additional needle work. The straight legged pants end at the ankle with a

flourish of the same design..... Tastefully done top to bottom!

Save 50% by buying the Fat Pack with HUD Textures Changer with 22 patterns (11 top patterns - 11

pants patterns).

What are you waiting for ?

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dimanche 29 juin 2014

Pink Cherry , Ninety , E-Clipse Design , 82 nd Designer Circle.

And as promised here I am again! I found some more lovely designs at the 82nd Designer Circle

Round running until July 5th.

First we have the stunning Pink Cherry "Chiara" in pink ( also white and black) worn here with the

Ninety Candy heels for slink high feet including a hud with change base, straps and heels, 8 colours

in multiple combination. A beautiful set isn't it ?

Pink Cherry  "Chiara" in pink ( also white and black)
Ninety Candy heels  with hud ( for slink high feet )

Next is  E-Clipse Design Split pant black  + E-Clipse Design Split T-Shirt marine, just perfect for a

walk at the beach on a sunny day !

 E-Clipse Design Split pant black  +  Split T-Shirt marine ( other colours available)

On my way for a walk at the beach side and hmmmmmm maybe eat a good ice cream!

See you later all! Have a happy day !

vendredi 27 juin 2014

Mu-Shi Doll - Essenz - Eyelure - {ZOZ} - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Designer Cercle!

I finished work earlier  today, and thinking  how I was going to spend the time. 

My mind started drifting, and I couldn't stop thinking ( big surprise! ) about womens clothing, and 

what new items I need....... so I walked over to the 82nd Designer Cercle round open until the 5th of 


Olala!! So much to see, I am sure I will spend some more time here the next few days!

Heyy look at this gorgeous :::Mu-Shi Doll::: Cross Over Dress in Red ( also in white)  matched with 

the superb Essenz - Berlin shoes for Slink mid feet in black ( 5  more colors available).

:::Mu-Shi Doll::: Cross Over Dress in Red 
Essenz - Berlin shoes in  black (  for Slink mid feet) 6 colors 
Slink   Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance)   

I also got this cute Eyelure Daisy Top in pink worn on a wonderful 7 Deadly s{K}ins called 

DC Blondie , the footwear comes from -{ZOZ}- Bella Wedges - Candy for slink high feet .

7 Deadly s{K}ins - DC Blondie
-{ZOZ}- Bella Wedges - Candy for slink high feet
Eyelure Daisy Top in pink
Eyelure mainstore  Mini Skirt in Pink 

For today that is all but I  will  be back this weekend with other fabulous designs to share!

Happy day all!

mardi 24 juin 2014



VOGUE releases BRIGITTE, the perfect evening gown in mesh ( 5 sizes) for these sultry summer

evenings. A strapless bodice form fits the upper body gracefully. Below the hips the most remarkable

array of fabrics layer outwards from the legs. Festive and happy this glitter gown will steal the show.

Included a gorgeous mesh necklace matching perfectly this fabulous gown.

Available in six  splendid colors!

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samedi 21 juin 2014


LILSARAH  Black ( 50% mesh)

                                                          LILSARAH in BLACK

Here is a black dress that I'm sure you don't have anything like it. LILSARAH ( 50% mesh)  by

SASCHA'S DESIGN is made for those hot sultry summer parties where staying cool is the goal.

 Off the shoulders we have a ruffled bodice with a tight waist opening wide to a nearly shear modern

crinoline skirt with many layers. The skirt adds intrigue in the front by offering a cool breeze to the


Be the Queen of the party in  LILSARAH!

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 Sascha's Designs

jeudi 19 juin 2014

[[ MASOOM ]] at the Wash Cart Sale!

On this lovely warm day I was in the mood to have a nice walk and try to find some new stuff for my

closet and wooohoooo I was lucky !

I went to the WASH CART SALE   open until the 25 th of June and found some awesome deals from 

[[ MASOOM ]] Let me share with you !

                                                                LOVE PETAL

Outfit :[[ Masoom ]]  Love Petal  Wash Cart Masoom
Skin :  Belleza Lana tan  - 50L Friday August 2013
Hair  : Haruka - Golden Blonde- Argrace
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant -  Slink  

                                      HOT INSIDE OUTFIT   +     GALAXY PUMPS

Outfit : [[ Masoom ]] Hot inside outfit (5 sizes) Wash Cart Masoom
Shoes  : [[ Masoom ]] Peep toe pumps Galaxy  Wash Cart Masoom
Skin : Belleza- Lana tan    50LFriday  August 2013
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant -  Slink  
Hair :   ""D!va"" Hair "Lana" D!va

                                                               HANGOVER PANTS

Pants  : [[ Masoom ]] Hangover pants  Wash Cart Masoom
Top :  [ICEWERK MESH] Loose Tank Top   icewerk

Hair : [monso] My Hair - Jay/ Dark Blonde    .monso
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant -  Slink  
hanging bedtime bear : gift

                                                                  AFRA LINGERIE

Outfit  :  [[ Masoom ]]  Afra lingerie Wash Cart Masoom
Hair  :  *ARGRACE* MIZUKI - Strawberry Blonde Argrace
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant -  Slink 

Happy day to all !

mardi 17 juin 2014


MARRY (mesh)

                                MARRY dress glitter Aqua                                    MARRY dress  Red

Here comes the perfect afternoon cocktail dress called MARRY from SASCHA' DESIGNS .

 Form fitting affairs that start with a silver or gold chain "Jane" strap over one shoulder.

The cut allows for no bulges except in the right places. Good news too... it is a duo pack with one

dress in glitter for after the sunsets. Get ready for afternoon festivities in this simple frock.

 Left side :

SAS - Marry Aqua Glitter Dress mesh NEW
SLINK  - Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant
MONSO  My Hair - Elsa/ Dark Blonde

Right side :

SAS - Marry Red Dress mesh NEW
SLINK  - Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant
Wasabi Pills  Casey Mesh Hair

dimanche 15 juin 2014

*PROMAGIC* Bathsalt Shoes

*PROMAGIC* Bathsalt Shoes

*PROMAGIC* Bathsalt Shoes red

*PROMAGIC* Kundan Gold Red

Perfect for these pants are the sandals from PROMAGIC called  Bathsalt. What girl does not love the 

added height of a raised platform? We all do. The bright straps are wide to give you all day 

comfort if you are out shopping as we all do.

Available in a wide range of vibrant colors!

PROMAGIC & Fi*Friday : Promagic Bathsalt Shoes

 PROMAGIC  : Promagic Kundan Earrings

Lillou's Designs  : Abby - Cropped Pants - Fat Pack HUD

Vogue Mainstore  : Off Shoulder Top (Mesh) (May Gift)

samedi 14 juin 2014

[[ Masoom ]] releases Toon Top


                                    MASOON TOON TOP STRIPY  and MOO

Ready for a playful summer?  Here are a pair of sleeveless "rare" called Toon Tops from

MASOOM . Both  " Moo and Stripy" are designed with Gacha in mind to keep them trendy and fun.

The colors are great and the mini length is geared for the summer heat..... Stay cool!

gatcha garden  [[ Masoom ]] Toon Tops Moo and Stripy ( rare)

D!va hair   "Asami" ( both)

.:Buttery Toast:   Yara's Band - Limited white

MP :   MIRI Bear hair band_hot pink

mardi 10 juin 2014

[[Masoom]] at FASHION FOR LIFE 2014

Fashion for Life is one of SL’s longest and most successful fashion fair.  [[Masoom]]Fashion For Life

All donations go to SL Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society.

[[Masoom]] is taking part at this event with two gorgeous gowns exclusive for FFL called

ADRINA and AFFECTION, also an always wanted accessory fan clutch exclusive for  FFL.

                                                                     AFFECTION Red

                                                                 AFFECTION Red


From the fitted sheer decorated strapless bodice to the floor length skirt elegance and flair are both

created in the personality of this gorgeous gown.

Included a necklace in four colours: black, black grey, grey and pink.

Comes with Lola's Tango , Mirage and Phat Azz Appliers.

                                                               Fan Clutch in black

                                                          ADRIANA in Blue

                                                            ADRIANA in Blue

ADRIANA in Blue :

A gorgeous long gown with its cutout bodice and flowing to the floor length flexi skirt.

Comes with Lola's Tango , Mirage and Phat Azz Appliers.

Taxi to [[Masoom]]Fashion For Life

vendredi 6 juin 2014



Here is the first of the Summer sizzle, friends! Delightfully detailed flowers accent this classic cut

gown called HERMIONE ( mesh 5 sizes) from LILLOU'S DESIGNS.  From the spaghetti straps to

the flowing lace trailer this gown shows class. The  colored material features delicate flowers and

leaves .  A head and chest piece  of a superbly  detailed Lily with its colored sprays  and  beautiful

feathers finalizes this gorgeous gown.

Available in 10 colors!!

Try your DEMO now!

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jeudi 5 juin 2014



Today I was in the mood for shopping ( well, that happens a lot) so I decided to have a walk at the

.:: Designer Circle ::. - THE DISCOUNT STORE

Skin : .::WoW Skins::. Rowena Tan ( with and without cleavage)
           .::WoW Skins::. Lina Tan slink applier feet and hands

Nails : -{ZOZ}- Romantic Sparks Polish Huds - (Slink)(boxed)

Outfit : Eyelure Mini Skirt    Pink ( 6 sizes)
             Eyelure Minitop   PinkGreenPattern ( 6 sizes)

Bracelets : *PROMAGIC* Bond Bracelets (Black Leather) {Boxed}


All items above are available here :
 .:: Designer Circle ::. - THE DISCOUNT STORE

mercredi 4 juin 2014



                   USA                                                FRANCE                                                 JAPAN

Just in time for the World Cup 2014, here is a collection commemorating the biggest event of the

summer! Play outfits with 15 countries represented by flag colors. 15 outfits that can interchanged to

create hundreds of combinations making a unified world instead of just 15 countries.

Enjoy the World Cup and these great outfits including a make up tattoo!

Run to the mainstore to get yours now :

Lingua Franca (146,98,23)

lundi 2 juin 2014




     PROMAGIC MARIJUANA                                                                   PROMAGIC CSR Bracelet

PROMAGIC released MARIJUANA and this delicate-yet-daring high heel style is sure to attract attention at your 
next event! 
AvEnhance Female hands and feet : Slink
*Milk* Hair~ Jupiter *Blacks* : MILK
PROMAGIC Bracelet black :  Cosmopolitan Sale Room 
PROMAGIC Marijuana shoes ( to be worn with Slink high feet) : Promagic
.::LD::. Lilly Dress - B&W [VIP Gift - June] Loovuz Dzevaror