mardi 25 février 2014


DOROTHEE mini dress mesh

                                                      DOROTHEE in purple

New for an early Spring addition to your collection. is DOROTHEE mesh mini dress  by  LILLOU'S

DESIGNS . A fun frock with a scoop neck and sleeveless arms. The dress is gathered at the waist

with a cummerbund sash. Below the hips, the mini dress has a fun frill while the entire dress gives

you a happy step to see winter go out the door!

 Available in 8 colors.

ABBY cropped pants in mesh!

Just released  ABBY cropped pants ( mesh) worn here with  BRIGITTE shrug Jacket ( mesh) from

Lillou Designs  These are separates that match so well you just have to get them both! The top is like

nothing else you have in your closet. A classic style jacket but open and midriff length. A bright

white collar outlines your face while the entire piece is trimmed in white. The ABBY cropped pants

 hug the hips and are rolled at the cuff.. Consider them both.... you can;t go wrong!

ABBY cropped pants in mesh fatpack  is available with a HUD so you can choose from 11 different

colors just with one click!!

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vendredi 21 février 2014



                                                             VANITY in Tan

Elegance pours from every seam of this new creation  called VANITY!

Made of silver lamay it starts off the shoulder with a flurry of ruffles across the bodice.

The gown fits firmly from that point to the ground..... then followed by a short train of flurries.

Then to set it off .... the flurry attached to the back make it complete.

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dimanche 16 février 2014



                                                       GINGER in Lavender

New from SASCHA'S DESIGN .  Here is a great design called GINGER in 50% mesh .

You are going to love the slinky feel of this dress across your body.

The short skirt is tight up to the waist and then hangs seductively across the chest with a deep V

which is repeated on the back.

Cute little fluffer accents top off the shoulders.  Comes in a glitter finish or a fun polka dot pattern.

Available in 11 colors!!


                                                                PIPPA in Red

One more winter outfit before the spring thaw. PIPPA COAT DRESS is a classic look of gabardine

finely fitted from top to bottom. The standing neckline is accented with a small " leather belt"

 Buttons adorn the front while the dress is gathered at the waist by a wide belt..

The long simple sleeves break just before the wrists while the skirt hold form to mid-thigh.

Available in various colors!

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