dimanche 30 novembre 2014

7 Deadly s{K}ins , StormCrow Design's, B!Asta, Designer Circle 93

Designer Circle 93 is running until December 6th, take the Taxi and come over before this round is over!

Today 7 Deadly s{K}ins features a gorgeous skin called "DC Sakura v2" with and without  cleavage.  Appliers slink hands and feet, Tango Snow with or without cleavage are also available.

B!Asta features here a cozy warm outfit called "In the Wild" in bleu ' (also available in Hazel, Moss, Red) a stunning hooded dress knit ( mesh - 5 sizes) with white wool tights included.
System tights : layers, slink and omega appliers

From StormCrown Design's we have these superb " Short boots with legwarmers" perfect to keep your feet warm!( also available in long)
Hud controlled 6 colors and 2 choices of metals for the zippers.
These Boots are wearable with or without Slink High Feet, the legwarmers fit only with Slink High Feet.

 7 Deadly s{K}ins - DC Sakura v2 cleavage
[ B! ] :IN THE WILD: Blue . Knit dress and tights
StormCrow Design's *Short Boots with Legwarmers*
elikatira  Youth
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands/elegant 1 - Feet/high

Sky , Wow Skins, Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday Sale is running until Sunday November 30 for Sky and Wow Skins!

First we have Sky Summerwind with this super creation called " TwinkleBaublesCoat and Hat" The textures of this creation  are just gorgeous and the hat ( resize on touch) a festival of holiday accessories! Notice the huge bow on the belt .
The coat is in mesh 5 sizes or fitmesh. Hud controlled with 33 colors to mix and match for coat, hat and scarf. Have fun !
Available on Marketplace at the super light price of 100L! Take advantage of this ladies!

Wow Skins makes part of the skin addiction group Black Friday Sale with this exclusive Skin called " Leah" that will be 50% off only for skin addiction group members. You have until sunday November 30th to make it yours.
Available four shades  : Milk, Bronze, Tan and Dark Tan. Includes 2 skins,  2 tattoo layers : Dark and Red Brows and a modifiable Leah Shape!
Another advantage not to miss!

Sky - TwinkleBaubles Coat & Hat 33 Pantone >> Marketplace
.::WoW Skins::. Leah Tan
.::WoW Skins::. Leah Shape
F I N E S M I T H LOVE stilettos
elikatira Cassidy

vendredi 28 novembre 2014

Dulce Secrets, Peace on Earth Hunt, We Love to Blog.

Here from "Dulce Secrets" is a unique look called "Winter Storm Gown" . The gown is actually sleeveless but there are gloves that flair out at the shoulders to create the unique look I spoke of.
The gown has a tight cowl neck then continues to the floor where it blossoms out. The pattern
 in blue is nice to see this time of year.( mesh - 5 sizes)
And then notice the splendid make up appropriated at the gown !
Including : two skins called Myrrh. Snowdrop , Hud slink appliers hands and feet, Blue mesh eyes, and Winterstorm make up!

All this can be soon yours Ladies, The Hunt for "Peace on Earth Hunt" will start soon and Dulce Secrets is offering this set as a gift for you during the hunt! So ladies, stay tuned!!

Skin : ::DS:: Myrrh.Snowdrop.Bare (V)
:DS:: Winter Storm Gown
DS:: Winter Storm Makeup
::DS:: Winter Storm Blue Eyes
Loordes of London-L'Experience Haute-Earrings
enVOGUE HAIR - Marilyn

Morea Style - Wow Skins, Jam , Designer Circle93 .

Après Ski is back with this great Morea  Style combo called "JUlie". Nice work on this knitted turtleneck sweater . The leggings form fit into any pair of boots. Oh and the earrings and necklace
are included from Morea!

I teamed it up with the Morea Style " kit Fashion Touch" in brown beige , a splendid purse and  sunglasses to protect my eyes.

I am wearing these superb mesh leather boots called " Arizona" also from Morea Style. These
Boots do not require to wear Slink Feet.

From Wow Skins we have  "Jayma" in Bronze  . Four  shades available : Milk , Bronze, tan and Dark tan. Each shade includes 1 Brow shape, 1 skin with and without cleavage  .
All appliers are available for "Jayma"

Jam presents us once again one of his beautiful Slink finger and toenail polish under the name of "Spike" hud controlled with a choice of  10 colors.

::WoW Skins::. Jayma Bronze CL
Truth hair : " Vida"
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands/elegant 1

jeudi 27 novembre 2014

Sky - Wow Skins !

Today we have a bit of a military look from Sky Summerwind in this "Uptown Girl Coat Dress" hud controlled 8 soft tones! A flaired collar and wide lapels showcase your body with a wide view. The belt is borrowed from an army design with a full length zipper holding it closed. Long sleeves with banding finish off the look. The look is followed  with this unique footwear called "Bewitched Boots"  from Sky too . It  is a combination of boot and shoe. The legs are wrapped with leather straps and buckles while the heel is tall. Hud controlled 24 pantone for Main Boot, Toe Straps and Small belts, Heel and Sole! A choice of 6 metals! . These boots require Slink High Feet.

Wow Skins releases " Elisabeth" a high detailed smooth skin . A choice of 4 skin tones : milk, bronze, tan and dark tan . each shade includes a modifiable Elisabeth Shape, 1 brow shape, 2 tattoo layers for brows, 12 skins with or without cleavage.

 ::WoW Skins::. Elisabeth Shape - NEW
::WoW Skins::. Elisabeth Bronze 02 CL - NEW
Sky - Uptown Girl Coat Dress - NEW
SKY - Bewitched Boots - NEW
elikatira  Youth
Slink AvEnhance Hands/Elegant - Feet/High

mercredi 26 novembre 2014

*Pelle* , *Preptopia*, **Formanails**, *Icewerk Mesh*, Designer Circle93

Designer Circle 93 runs until December 6th so hop over and take advantage of all these high quality items featured by our talented designers!

 It's almost fur season in SL! Of course that means no animals were injured in the making of these items. Here we have from * Icewerk Mesh* a gorgeous outfit called " Cozy Chic" The fur jacket is done in a luscious color blend with a high collar and cuffed sleeves. The belt is a cute bow done in black leather. The slitted skirt is just the right length for the jacket and is cut straight from the waist.

Featuring from *Pelle* a delightful skin called " Jeanna Med Skin with make up"
I used here the " Jeanna  Med  Skin nature" adding " Alpha teeth", "Pelle Make Up - Pale lipstick" and "Pelle Make Up - Smooth  eyeshadow  black".
You have a huge choice of make ups in the folder so you can match them depending what you are wearing.
Also are available separately all appliers for your needs!

Do you want super long and pointy nails ? Don't search anymore! They are here !
*Formanails* features these gorgeous "Nails Form Stiletto " for Slink Hands Elegant/Elegant1 and casual with a 5 colors choice!

From *Preptopia* we have these superb "New York Booties" in Mud. Aren't they beautiful ? Remember these booties require Slink High Feet.
Available in Mud, Rose and Moss.

[ICEWERK MESH] Cozy Chic -
PELLE - Jeanna  Med  Skin nature
PELLE - Alpha teeth
PELLE MAKE UP - Smooth  eyeshadow  black
PELLE MAKE UP - Pale lipstick
*Preptopia* New York Booties Mud
**{FORMANAILS}**For Slink Hand
 Amorous : Ecks Earrings
""D!va"" Hair Ruri"
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands/elegant 1 - Feet/high-

lundi 24 novembre 2014

*Nya's*, Icons Of Style , L'Anguisette Skins , Pelle, Designer Circle 93

The 93rd Round of The Designer Circle just started and runs until December 8th.
Take the Taxi here and come over to see all these new high quality items at super low prices!

 Here is a great look for Fall from  Nya's !  It starts with a short sleeve sweater ( mesh - 5 sizes)with a paisley pattern on a black background called "Nya's*TurtleNeckSweater " in Cypress  The cowl neck and waistline are done in olive. The "Nya's*PencilSkirt " in cypress ( mesh - 5 sizes) straightlines to the knee. Available in different colors  : Camel, Cognac, Ink, teal, Cypress .

The skin I wear comes from "L'Anguisette" and is called "Aria" in cream . Also available in " bistre".
The following appliers for each of the skins :  Lena, Ghetto Booty , Lolas(4 nipple choices), Omega(Four Nipple Choices), Slink Hands/Feet/Physique, Banned, Wowmeh, Phat Azz , Brazilia booty/Doll, Perfect Bum/Perfect Body, Baby Bump, and Loud Mouth Appliers  are included in the purchase.
Don't miss it ladies !

I choose to wear from "Pelle" this cute short hair named "Jacky" blood red. It comes with a shaved hairbase in black . Also available in different shades like blond, chocolate, black, black/fuxia...!

The pose I used here comes from Icons of Style and is one of the poses you can find in the available pack - shopping bags are included!

L'Anguisette Skins "Aria" Cream W/ Brow w/o Cleavage
*Nya's*TurtleNeckSweater Cypress
*Nya's*PencilSkirt Cypress
Pelle - Jacky hair blood red + shaved hairbase
..::ILLI::.. SLink High Cheshire Brown
IOS Pretty Girl with Shopping Bag 5 L

Eyelure , Wow Skins, DuckNipple, Suicide Dollz Event!

Today my skin is " Julya" in Tan from Wow Skins, a new skin specially for the SUICIDE DOLLZ EVENT . You can choose between 4 shades : milk, bronze, Tan and Dark Tan. Each skin only 99L!
All appliers are also available for " Julya"!

You are going to love these fanciful play things. From Eyelure we have " Pleated MiniSkirt " in  Pink and "Curly Top"  in  DustyPink! Starting with the top, this scoop neck sweater is worn open tummy with long sleeves. Curly is the bottom hem of the sweater. The mini-skirt is a pleated look with almost no length so be careful where you bend over!
These lovely sets are also available in different colors so hop over to the NEW Eyelure Mainstore and choose yours!

I am wearing a new set of heels from DuckNipple called "Evon Heels". They are hud controlled with a choice of 12 colors! Requires Slink High Feet.

Eyelure Curly Top in  DustyPink
Eyelure Pleated MiniSkirt in Pink
DuckNipple Mesh: Evon Heels ( Slink High Feet)
""D!va"" Hair "Chika.
::WoW Skins::. Julya Tan CL>>> SUICIDE DOLLZ EVENT
Slink AvEnhance Hands/Elegant - Feet/High

dimanche 23 novembre 2014

Morea Style !

Going dancing? You MUST have this new dress called "Chelby" in black/ocre from Morea Style! The top is off the shoulder then decorated exquisitely at every opportunity. The black material is of the finest quality and design is what we have come to expect from one of SL's leading designers.
Included are appliers for body mesh Slink, Lena, Eve, Belleza, Omega and Lolas tango!

Then we have a perfect fit for "Chelby" with these splendid Heels also from Morea Style  called " Tigresse" black/ocre with its straps climbing around your legs. These heels require Slink High feet .

Slink Physique Mesh Body V1
:WoW Skins::. Slink physique Applier
""D!va"" Hair Ruri"

 Evoking the look of the 1970's here is "Kaitlyn" from Morea Style. The vest and shorts create suit with a Louis VIII blouse look! You can wear it with a modern neck tie worn casually or dress it up with an adornment that matches the frills of the sleeves. As always with Morea, tons of detail and exception quality. Oh and surprise... the headband is included!

From Ducknipple we have here  the "Tara heels" a cute sandal with its dots and a very detailed spiked heel!Hud controlled 12 colors! These heels require Slink High Feet.

DuckNipple Mesh: Tara Heels hud controlled
"D!va"" Hair "Flora" (
.::WoW Skins::. Lana Bronze 01

vendredi 21 novembre 2014

Time again for Sky Weekend Sales!!

This is going to be a big blog but there is so much to see at Sky this week !
( and I am not showing all so best to do is to take the TAXI and hop over to the Mainstore!
These weekend sales are running until Tuesday November 25th .

From Sky Summerwind we have "Norah Outfit Ivory" ( mesh 5 sizes) is just comfortable and cute. An everyday top in ribbed material with a scoop neck and short sleeves. Check out the detail on these pants. Worn low on the hips and cut perfectly to the ankles. The khaki pants re-invented.... just great!

A new look in heels comes from  Sky too , called "Punk Sophisticate Ivory"  . A unique strapped look with open toes and a highly detailed heel done in wood and metal. These heels require to be worn with Slink high feet.

Sky - Norah Outfit Ivory
Sky - Punk Sophisticate Ivory
::WoW Skins::. Nicole Tan CL
monso] My Hair - Yong/ Dark Blonde
Slink AvEnhance Hands/Elegant - Feet/High

Then Sky  brings us Alyssa ( mesh - 5 sizes)! A stylish sun dress with wide shoulder straps and an empire waist band in contrasting dark color. There is a cute embroidered edge at the top and hem. The HUD offers eight color choices giving you a dress for each day plus one in the dry cleaners!

Teamed up here with the "ARIJ Strapped Boots" in Red from Sky .
Straps, straps all along the feet and legs over the knee! ....Those boots are going to walk over you.....!
Requires to wear Slink High Feet.

Sky - Alyssa Dress 8 Colors
Sky - AriJ Strapped Boots
Enchanted Ink:: [ Destiny Eyelashes]
SuPerBia Accesories - Ethnic Bracelet , ring.
Slink AvEnhance Hands/Elegant - Feet/High

 I think a " Tropical Vacation "( mesh - 5 sizes) this year may be the answer.... and if I cannot afford it, I can get one or six from Sky !. How cute is this top with a plunging V neck line with a frilly collar! There are six colors of this tropical print  in a hud  for you to choose from!

I wear this cute top here on a jean but you can wear it on leggings, a skirt ...! I teamed it up with the high detailed "  Stormy Peep Toe Knee Boots " in Black from Sky (for Slink high feet) .
They are just perfect for any outfit!

Sky - Stormy Peep Toe Knee Boots
Sky - Tropical Vacation Top 6 Color
:WoW Skins::. GG NOV 2014 Poly Tan CL - GROUP GIFT NOVEMBER
:Enchanted Ink:: [ Destiny Eyelashes]
elikatira Cassidy
Slink AvEnhance Hands/Elegant - Feet/High

This is all for today from Sky ! But stay tuned, more news very soon ... !

mercredi 19 novembre 2014

Masoom & Dirty Turkey Hunt Event, Luna Body Art & TFP Charity Event

From Masoom we have "Nina" Dress ( mesh - 3 sizes), an off the shoulder mini dress of the simplest design (which is always a classic look).. Love the texture color of a subtle red.
You can grab this lovely  dress for FREE at the mainstore for the Dirty Turkey 5.0 Hunt Event running until November 30th !
Don't miss this bargain Ladies!!

And here we have also the 2nd exclusive finger and toe nail polish from Luna Body Art for the
TFP Charity Event running until November 25th. This gorgeous polish is called "Elegant bows". 100% of this set of nails will be donated.

Masoom  : Dirty Turkey 5.0 Hunt Event : Nina Dress 
Luna Body Art : "Elegant Bows" finger and toenails polish Slink    TFP Charity Event 
::WoW Skins::. Kyle Tan CL
VoguE* Model Makeup Set 001 ~
Eyelure Kiss Me - Cherry
enVOGUE HAIR - Marilyn

mardi 18 novembre 2014

Ninety, JK Style, Pink Cherry, Designer Circle

 I <3 this dress! It comes from Ninety and is called " Monday Grey Heart" ( also available
in black ) I'm sure you can see why.... because they are heart patterns! An off the shoulder bodice with a 'bottom of my heart' cut along the top leads to a high waist. Then the hearts begin to
pump in a baby doll cut mini skirt. Get them both ladies!

JK Style brings us these lovely high Heels called " Chantal Heel " in black, requires Slink High
Feet.( also available in sand)

And from Pink Cherry we have this superb polish for finger and toenails  named "Duo Color"
for Slink applier V1. Hud controlled with a choice of 10 colors.

9ty- Monday  Grey Heart  OutFit
::JK:: Chantal Heel black
PC Fingernails Hud - Duo Color for Slink  applier V1
PC toenails Hud - Duo Color for Slink  applier V1
:WoW Skins::. Kyle Tan CL
Eyelure Kiss Me - Cherry
*VoguE* Model Makeup Set 001 ~ Black/White
elikatira Enjoy
:E.A.Studio:. Tribal Wings Ring Silver

lundi 17 novembre 2014

Sascha's Designs, Luna Body Art, Eclipse Art Studio , The Thrift Shop, TFP Charity Event.

Check out this great gown 50 % mesh 5 sizes! Jessica Rabbit would be proud to wear "Viper" in silver from Sascha's Designs. Stunning from the shoulders with the removable bolero. The bodice can be worn with or without the deco . There is even a choice of skirts .... what a great outfit with so many personal choices!
Also available in Blue, Gols, Pink or Red.

Luna Body Art features here a magnificent Set of finger and toenails TinyFootPrints Exclusive -Slink Feet  for the TFP Charity Event which started on November 12th and runs  until November 25th . 100% will be donated!! There is a second set I will show you very soon in a next blog :) The set is hud controlled and you have a choice between 10 colors.

And then we have these splendid highly detailled  rings " Ring Poker Maniac Unisex " from Eclipse Art Studio in gold or silver, L and R hand,   an Exclusive for the Thrift Shop! The event started on November 9 th and runs until November 30th.

SAS - Viper Silver Gown
:WoW Skins::. Kyle Tan CL >>>> Designer Circle92
:Enchanted Ink:: [ Destiny Eyelashes]
*VoguE* Model Makeup Set 001 ~ Black/White
Eyelure Kiss Me - Cherry
.:E.A.Studio Ring Poker Maniac Silver L + R (also in gold)>>> The Thrift Shop
a m o r o u s // Now // Earrings ( gift)
::LUNA::.  Nails HUD - TinyFootPrints Exclusive -Slink finger and toe nails >>>TFP Charity Event
Vanity Hair: Trop Mignon-Dark Blonds

dimanche 16 novembre 2014

Eyelure, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, :Glow Designs, Loordes of London,Designer Circle 92

Today I present you a lovely skin from 7 Deadly s{K}ins called "DC Evelien2" with freckles and cleavage , also available without freckles and cleavage. Appliers slink total body Hud , phatazz, tango appliers sold separately .

Eyelure features here a dress  she calls "'Frill"' ( mesh 5 sizes). I cannot imagine why. ;) Wide set straps support the bodice as it is cut straight across the chest. It form fits then to the waist and there the frills begin! The material clings to your legs and bottom at a short length. Enjoy it !!! Available colors are  : Red, Black, Green, Grey and Plum)

I teamed it up with this superb "Clutch Aqua gold" from Glow Designs (also available Aqua silver, lemon Silver or gold, white silver or gold )

To finalize  I am wearing the elegant "Vermaillion Slingbacks" available in 5 colors from Loordes of London. These Heels require Slink High feet.

Eyelure Frill Dress in green
7 Deadly s{K}ins - DC Evelien 2 freckled cleavage
JaM -Slink Finger and toenails Mamika
:Glow Designs:. B Clutch Aqua Gold
Loordes of London- vermaillion Slingbacks-#6
enVOGUE HAIR - Rebecca
Slink AvEnhance Female hands elegant / feet high

vendredi 14 novembre 2014


15 and 16th of November, Only 2 Days!!

                                                  Taxi to  Vogue Mainstore

DuckNipple !

 The business of business is business as they say.... but in my world it's fashion! This is a great example of dressing for business in a fun way. Starting with a crisp dress shirt and tie in a world of color choices.That is covered with a waist length blazer that is tailor cut to fit close. The shorts are very short! That should improve your business results! ;)
"Danny Outfit "from DuckNipple is Hud controlled with 12 different colors for jacket and tie + a wide array of colors for the shirt.

The leather shorts called " Slush Shorts " comes from Ducknipple also and I found it fun to team it up with the jacket. Hud controlled.

Then these  heels named " Geeky heels" from Ducknipple also , they  require Slink high feet and are hud controlled 12 colors. Notice the skulls on the sides and top of the shoes and on the back huge and small studs with its hanging big cross on the heel. Superb no ?

DuckNipple Mesh: Danny Outfit w HUD
DuckNipple Mesh: Slush Shorts
DuckNipple Mesh: Geeky Heels
:WoW Skins::. Jaz Bronze CL >> FRESH STYLE SALE ROOM
elikatira Jennie
::Enchanted Ink:: [ Destiny Eyelashes]
MONS / Makeups - black eyeliner

Icewerk Mesh ,L'Anguisettes Skins and Body Shoppe ,Jam , Baubles! by Phe, Sky , Designer Circle.

 Here comes " Tonight "in  Black designed by _[ICEWERK MESH] the latest in that closet staple we all need! Worn over one shoulder it shows more skin . The corsage is a nice touch that can be removed.  The length is updated to the 2015 season. Available in Dragon Blue, deep red, Plum and White.

From L'Anguisettes Skins and Body Shoppe I am wearing a lovely skin called " Mayumi" in Cream ( also available in Bistre) making part of an Asian inspired skin line.  Lena, Ghetto Booty , Lolas(4 nipple choices), Omega(Four Nipple Choices), Slink Hands/Feet/Physique, Banned, Wowmeh, Phat Azz , Brazilia booty/Doll, Perfect Bum/Perfect Body, Baby Bump, and Loud Mouth Appliers are included in the purchase.

From Baubles! by Phe  we have a superb set of jewelry called "ChromaticZebra" including earrings and rings in lovely shades of black and white.

My finger and toenails are decorated with the sublim Slink polish called "Mamika" from Jam , hud controlled 10 colors.

I slipped my feet in these stunning " Caution Platform Shoes" in wheat ( also available in nude) from Sky . If you want to look taller, this is exactly what you need! Requires Slink High feet.

All these high quality items can be yours for a super low price, take the TAXI and hop over to the Designer Circle92 running until November 22

ICEWERK MESH] Tonight Dress
L'Anguisette Skins "Mayumi"  Cream With Brow w/Cleavage
Vanity Hair:Bitter Sweet
Sky - Caution Platform Shoes in Wheat
Baubles! by Phe ChromaticZebra

jeudi 13 novembre 2014

Sascha's Designs, Wow Skins, Luna Body Art, Sky , Fresh Style Sale Room Event.

Here comes Sascha's Designs " Fifth Avenue " Outfit ( mesh 5 sizes)or just call it Chic! ! You don't have to know it .... it just shows it. A simple sleeveless shift with the skirt cut to the knee. What makes it special is the elegant hoodie .... not to be confused with a sweatshirt because this one is all class.
Can be worn also with the included stunning short  jacket ( mesh - 5 sizes) and its stand collar . A lovely pair of sunglasses are included as well .The choice is up to you :)
Available in Pink, white, black, choco, mauve and red.

Wow Skins released a new skin named  " Jaz"  for the FRESH STYLE SALE ROOM Event starting November 12th and running until November 30th. A choice of  4 shades : milk, bronze, tan and darktan, with or without cleavage, only 99L a skin! Take advantage of this offer before it is gone!
Also all appliers are available for "Jaz".

Luna Body Art features a new splendid  finger and toenails polish  called "Metallics"  hud controlled with a choice of 10 super colors!

And then we have Sky Mainstore with a great bargain "Holiday Special" on Marketplace!
These beautiful high heels " Tangles sandals" hud controlled with a choice of 30 colors only at the price of 30L!!!So just click the link and make this offer yours!
Remember  these heels require Slink High Feet.

Sascha's Designs - Fifth Avenue Dress
WoW Skins::. Jaz Bronze CL Fresh Style Sale Room Event
Enchanted Ink:: [ Destiny Eyelashes]
::LUNA::.  Nails HUD - Metallics
Sky - Tangled Sandal >>> marketplace 

mercredi 12 novembre 2014

B-DaZZled, NaYu, Designer Circle

Designer Circle92 is running until November 22nd so you have still some time to get over there
and choose between all these lovely and high quality designs!

Here we have a super provocative  short formfitting dress in mesh 5 sizes called " Unbutton me Dress" with a peeking out black top  from B-DaZZled. This kinky creation is hud controlled to allow you to choose between 10 fantasy colors so have fun !

To keep your feet warm nothing better than these warm "Lumie Boots" worn in black ( 5 sizes) from {NaYu} Design. There is a choice of colors : red, black, blue or beige. Why not all 4 ?

{B-DaZZled} - UnButton Me Dress (Fantasy Colors) hud controlled 10 colors
{NaYu} Design - Lumie Boot in black ( beige, red, blue)
::WoW Skins::. Kyle Tan CL
::Enchanted Ink:: [ Destiny Eyelashes]
MONS / Makeups - black eyeliner
Truth hair  Dariela
Slink AvEnhance Female hands elegant

mardi 11 novembre 2014

Morea Style!

 I am pleased to announce the addition of "Morea Style" to our blog! We introduce Morea's first entry called EVE, mixed leopard. A dazzling deep bust line adds dimension and texture to this elegant short baby doll dress. Included are the headband, earrings and necklace!
Body appliers clothes for Slink , Lena and Eve Body , Top and pant Omega appliers, appliers for lola tangos.
A stunning complete creation to have in your closet!

Right now this superb set is at a special price, so take advantage of it, you will not regret it!!

"KENYA" are  magnificent  mesh suede boots with 4 choices! Beige and Brown, with or without socks! Up to you ! They are also available in Black and Grey !

Hop over to Morea Style Mainstore, as always the best quality and a huge choice from casual to formal!!

MOREA STYLE COLLECTION  *EVE - MIX LEOPARD with Slink Body appliers clothes,
necklace, earrings, headband.
Slink Physique Mesh Body
WoW Skins::. A Mesh Body Appliers bronze
MONS / Makeups - black eyeliner
""D!va"" Hair "Flora"


Masoom is at the  EROTIGACHA 3 Event running until November 15th !

Erotigacha is an Adult Gacha Fair, on an Adult sim, items are not all  adult themed although some are!

This gorgeous ultra sexy Dominant RARE Gacha outfit from Masoom can be yours! 

The black boots with their red bows and patterns , the superb  hat and long cane are Gacha items too.
Price of Item :  55 L each play

Mainstore Masoom 
Masoom at the Erotigacha Event
Event Blog:  http://erotigacha.blogspot.com/

lundi 10 novembre 2014

Preptopia, Wow Skins, Jam, Designer Circle 92

The 92nd round of Designer Circle started on November 9th and is running until November 23rd. Take advantage of these high quality items for such low prices!

From Preptopia  is  "Vintage Muse" in moss ( also available in mist, robins egg, salmon) . A great gown ( mesh 5 sizes) addition to your wardrobe. Stunning layers of flowing fabrics dance with you on the floor. The subtle pattern is classic with the form fitting bodice. The  Vintage Muse shawl is a great final touch at this creation.

From Wow Skins we have  "Kyla" in tan  . Three  shades available : Bronze, tan and Dark tan. Each shade includes 1 Brow shape, two freckle adds, 1 skin with or without cleavage  . All appliers are available for "Kyla"

Jam presents us once again one of his beautiful finger and toenail polish under the name of "Vortex" hud controlled with a choice of  10 colors.

*Preptopia* Vintage Muse Moss
WoW Skins::. Kyle Tan CL
:WoW Skins::.  More Freckless tatoo
WTG+:+ **Pearly Shell** ear-pierces and bracelet
Vanity Hair Vintage Base: 6-Soil
Slink AvEnhance Female High feet /hands elegant

dimanche 9 novembre 2014

Sascha's Designs

 If you had a magic lamp you know you would rub it ... maybe wishing for a luxurious gown. (or maybe a million dollars). While here is a gown worthy of a magic lamp.
"Ayesha" by Sascha's Designs! . The feathered collar explodes from your shoulders in a flurry of feathers. The top is a bejeweled affair with long sleeves. The midriff is open then again flowing jewels from your waist to the ground. Full length sleeves wave  along the sides. You can also wear this beauty without sleeves and once more you have a choice between different styles of skirts!

SAS - Ayesha
LB Jewels -lace earrings silver
Eyelure Kiss Me - Peach
Mons / Makeups - black eyeliner series
*VoguE* Model Makeup Set 001a ~
Vanity Hair:Ma Belle-Soil
:WoW Skins::. Poison Bronze CL
Slink hands elegant/ Feet High

samedi 8 novembre 2014

Sky weekend Sales !

Here we have another Weekend  Sale at Sky Mainstore running until this upcoming tuesday !
Don't miss it!

This weekend we have two splendid outfits :  the first is  called "Color me fabulous" and is a just above the knee long length dress in mesh 5 sizes with a rainbow of colors in three choices.

The second outfit is a superb romper called "  Livin' It Up Romper" in mesh 5 sizes and also with a 3 colors choice.

And then these unique  "Swank sandals in black , Ivory or camel! Remember these sandals require the Slink high feet.  Aren't they just wonderful?

left side
Sky - Color Me Fabulous 3 color Pack
Sky - Swank Sandal Black
WoW Skins::. Poison Bronze CL
elikatira Marnie
.::LUNA::. Body Art - PENUMBRA  Exclusive Polish Slink
Slink hands elegant/ Feet High

right side
Sky - Livin' It Up Romper 3 color Pack
Sky - Swank Sandal Camel
WoW Skins::. Poison Bronze CL
elikatira Jordyn
.::LUNA::. Body Art - PENUMBRA  Exclusive Polish Slink
Slink hands elegant/ Feet High

vendredi 7 novembre 2014

Masoom at The Instrument Event!

Masoom is at The Instrument Event running from November 1st until November 25th.

Here is a smart look for the fall season called "Indra" from Masoom  A simple floor length gown is covered with a waist jacket with embroidered front and sleeves. The tunic collar leads to a double row of bright buttons..The gown also shows the embroidery on the high slit showing off your long legs! Carry all you need in this huge matching handbag. Try it with your own stilettos for a classy look.

Masoom Indra outfit complete
F I N E S M I T H LOVE stilettos-
enVOGUE HAIR - Jessica
.::WoW Skins::. Poison Bronze CL
.::LUNA::. Body Art - PENUMBRA nails slink hud
Slink hands elegant/ Feet High

jeudi 6 novembre 2014

BabyDoll. Graffitiwear , Designer Circle

The 91st Round of Designer Circle is running until November 8th, take advantage of the super low prices for all these high quality items!

A great look for the fall with this cute  Lilac "Chenille Fitmesh Sweater " from Graffitiwear. (also available in pink, grey and green)  A deep cut vee neck with 3/4 length sleeves and bare midriff gives just enough cover to stay warm.  Can't you just feel that material against your skin?

 Love these "Leo High Waist" panties from BabyDoll.( also available in black, grey, pink, red) The high waist and bottom cut is so sexy.  The cute bows add a bit of style.
Now the pants ....  hmmmm the pants..... OMG .... I better put some on before I leave the house!

Graffitiwear Lilac Chenille Fitmesh Sweater
BabyDoll. Leo High Waist in purple
""D!va"" Hair Ruri"
.::WoW Skins::. Poison Bronze CL
Slink hands elegant/ Feet High

mercredi 5 novembre 2014

Eyelure and ILLI.

Here from Eyelure  is a version of the traditional rag dress called "Tiered Dress" in Peach ( also available in Honeydew, Cafe, Persimmon and Latte). The dress ( mesh - 5 sizes)hangs from spaghetti straps where it flows from there in pieces of material to the knee.
Also featuring these new Heels from ILLI , called " Dawn Heels". Five straps hold your feet to the soles. with a traditional heel.  This stunning pair of Heels is hud controlled for you to choose between  a wide array of colours. Requires Slink high Feet.

Eyelure Tiered Dress     Honeydew
::ILLI::.. SLink High Dawn Heels
elikatira  Jordyn
: PM :: Noble Bracelets in Cedar
::WoW Skins::. Poison Bronze CL
Slink hands elegant/ Feet High

mardi 4 novembre 2014

Pink Cherry, Sky , Anna Shapes , Designer Circle

Here we have from Pink Cherry a lovely dress in mesh 5 sizes called " Crossover Dress Blake"
worn here in silver but also available in black and red. Only 100L each !

Anna Shapes features here "Tiffany" a beautiful and sensual Shape, only 80L!!

Then to finalise we have the superb Booties from Sky called "Glamour Bootie" in Aluminum.
Also available in Sangria , requires Slink high Feet.

You want all these high quality creations, Take the taxi here to The Designer Circle running until November 8th. Enjoy !

ANNA SHAPES* - Tifany -
.::WoW Skins::. Poison Bronze CL
.::PC::. Crossover Dress "Blake" - Silver ( black and red)
Sky - Glamour Bootie Aluminum
=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Nena" Blondes
[MANDALA] 7LUCK Bracelet A /Female
Slink hands elegant/ Feet High

dimanche 2 novembre 2014

Giulia Design, JK Style, Designer Circle

The 91st Round of Designer Circle is running until November 8th so you still have time to come over and make these superb creations yours!

Now everyone must love this look! It's called "Diva Brown" by GiuliaDesign . It all starts with a baby doll top hung from spaghetti straps to an empire waist high on the tummy. The skirt is a straight line to the knees that fits like a glove.... but no gloves included LoL :)

JK Style features a duo pack of Heels called " Lena Heels "in black and Red, these Heels require Slink High Feet.

enVOGUE HAIR - Brianna
SIGMA~Jewels/ Selene bracelets
::JK Style:: Lena Heels - Black  ( also red included)
:WoW Skins::. Poison Bronze CL
Slink hands elegant/ Feet High