mardi 5 octobre 2010

A New Day in my modeling life!

Thank you for visiting Lisana's Model Life.  Yes, it is a small play on words.  Not only am I living what I would call a 'model life' in Second Life, but also, I am proud to be a part of the greatest modeling cadre in all of Second Life... Classic with Style!

Modeling in Second Life is an adventure I could never experience in my 1st life.  The experience is both close to realism as well as surreal... sometimes at the same time!  If you have ever thought about it, even for a minute, it would be to your advantage to investigate the possibility!  Why not?  We only live once!

I can tell you and show you the fun as well as the hard work modeling involves.  There is training, dedication and great friendships you would only imagine otherwise.

Ring me up.  I would love to introduce you to our world.