mercredi 20 juin 2012

lundi 18 juin 2012

HOUSE OF EUROPE - Owner and Designer Didier Rascon

Last Saturday June 16th I had the honour to wear and present those beautiful creations in a Fashion

Show with Classic With Style Corporation

Ladies those Creations need to be part of your wardrobe !

Here we have ANGELICA in red

All eyes will turn your way for sure!

And then this wild creation!

It is called " AFRICA"

When you wear it you really are The Queen of the Jungle!

It s a must to hop over to the Store, you will be amazed about the Creativity of Didier Rascon!

And Gentlemen you too should hop overthere, so many choices for you too!

Here is the taxi to the Store :

and if you don t feel for a walk today just go here :

vendredi 15 juin 2012

Another New Lingerie from Cre@ctions -CWS Sponsor and Designer Ayiki Takakura

New from Ayiki Takakura ... The 'China' Collection of Fine Lingerie.  Such delicious colors and the

form and fit is just perfect! 

When you wear them .... all you will think is soft, silky and so so sensual" All you rman will think is


Another must have ladies !

jeudi 7 juin 2012

HOUSE OF EUROPE a world of High Fashion......Owner and Designer our Dean of UCWS Mr Didier Rascon

Wow ! Wow ! Wow !

 How can you resist these beautiful gowns?

He calls this gown "BELLA" ... a definate beauty in any language!

Top mesh

Available in several pastel colors: yellow, blue, pink and green

And here we have FALBALA in Fushia

I would say "FABULOUS" wouldn't you ?

Top Mesh

Available also in several colors : white, black, fushia and blue.

These gowns will be available at the end of June. You can already book them with Mr.Didier Rascon!

mardi 5 juin 2012

Lingerie "Classy" from our CWS Sponsor Ayiki Takakura

For each day of the week a Classy set, here in red..... so sexy!

   A Classy white to accentuate my tan !

                                                          and this Classy grey is so elegant!

This is a must have ladies, for sure your hubby  will love it!

Take a peek in the mainstore, there is so much more to see!

Mainstore : secondlife://Lingua%20Franca/146/98/25

lundi 4 juin 2012

Enjoying the Beach in swimwear from VOGUE

The newest release from VOGUE called ELISE

beautiful swimwear making head turns when you walk by!

Who joins me on the Beach side ?

And look at this, Gift of the Month of June for all members!

To get those beauties run to the Vogue Mainstore :