mercredi 27 février 2013



                                                         SASCHA'S DESIGNS

                       SASCHA created four new designs for our pleasure to wear them!

Here below these four amazing creations ........ in black!

Chic , elegant and!

RUMBLE                                             POONA



You want these stunning gowns ???

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lundi 25 février 2013

BEROY Shoes and Accessories!


                                                    Ms  LaDuh Kimagawa

 As I walked last week I stopped in a small Shoe and Accessories Store  called BEROY and I loved

 the Creations of Ms LaDuh Kimagawa

Let me share with you her Designs!

                                                       BEROY WOOL Bottles

Kitty has no edge on me as I can jump right on the table with these great beroy WOOL BOTTLES  shoes

and leggings from Belroy !

Available in Pink , brown, Purple and Greenwater!

                                                      BEROY LEO BOTTLES

Just me and kitty relaxing while I stay warm in my new LEO BOTTLES  from Belroy.  Great heels blend

into upper leggings that keep me toasty on these cold days!

Available in : brown, Blue and Black

                                      BEROY "SAKURA" SHOES AND HEADBAND

A quiet moment talking to my favorite plant and goldfish .... while wearing Belroy's sakura shoes with a

platform heel, matched with cute little socks..... There is even a  matching hairband with the cutest flower!

Shoes available in : White Y , Red, Pink, Green and Blue!

Hairband available in : Black , Blue, Green, Pink , Red and WhiteY!

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mardi 19 février 2013

VERO MODERO.... on the Classic with Style Runway!

                                                       VERO MODERO

                                                    Ms BOUQUET BABII

Yes ! Another Fashion Show was held at Classic with Style  past Saturday Feb 16th on the Black and

White Runway showcasing the stunning creations of VERO MODERO!

A big Thank You to Ms BOUQUET BABII for sharing these fabulous creations with us!

                                      CLASSIC WITH STYLE MODELS GROUP PIC

                                               THE KAR FUR SET by ANIA LENNIE


                                                    KAR FUR COAT SET by LIBERTY LIGHTHOUSE

                                                  TORRI TUNIC SET by SUMMIT BEAUMONT

                                                        LA PANCA SET by LACI ROSSINI


                                           SIYAH FUR COAT SET by VICKY YONGBO


                                                  ORO GOWN by LISANA ROSSEN

This beautiful formal mesh gown in gold is just a delight! The top of the gown has a straight bust line leaving

upper breast and shoulders bare. Down to the hips the gown is decorated with flower shaped prints, then the

shiny gold color takes over until the floor. The whole gown envelops your body closely and shows of your

 curves in a wonderful way!

If you want to check out all these creations and much more here below taxi to the Mainstore:

Vero Modero (126,137,28)

vendredi 15 février 2013



                                               DIAMOND STYLE

                                     Ms Cristal Triellis and Ms Christy Hamer

Yesterday Diamond Style released a fabulous Skin called ALEXYS and a stunning long mesh gown called


Let me present  you here below ALEXYS and ANGELINA!

This fabulous skin comes in 4 shades : fair , sunkissed, tan and dark, each skin has 6 make ups available!

Jump over to the Store and try the Demo!

Now the long stunning mesh gown ANGELINA :

                                                ANGELINA BLACK AND WHITE

                                                      ANGELINA RED AND PINK

Here is the gown of many colors!  Perfect for your collection.  A high neckline begins this creation extending

down the arms.  The close fitting gown in mesh shapes your body to just below the knees where a simple

flair takes it to the floor.  The layers of fabric run from top to bottom creating a three dimensional look while

the ruffles behind you compliment the colors.  Available in white, black, red and pink!

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jeudi 14 février 2013


                                                    FASHION ANIA MODE

                                                           Ms Ania Lennie

          Some more new releases at ANIA FASHION MODE I want to share with you here below!


How about a flair for the exotic?  Here it is ... called Summer!  A barely-there cover up in  blooming white 

flowers strategically  placed to give you protection against....  well... not much!    The feathering skirt also 

allows for nearly full view of your legs to the waist.  Provocative and sexy  .... !!!

Available in Blue, yellow and purple.

                                                               SUMMER IN PURPLE

                                                     SUMMER IN YELLOW

                                                    ROSIE DUCHESSE SEGUIN RED mesh

An elegant mesh design featuring an angle cut outer skirt with a print edge and a tight under skirt to the mid-

calf. The bodice design is also cut at the angle of the outer skirt.  The shoulder-less top allows for your

imaginative choices for neck ware.

                                      Available in sequin red , sequin gold and red !

                                                       ROSIE DUCHESSE SEQUIN GOLD

                                                                  ROSIE DUCHESSE RED

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dimanche 10 février 2013



                                          UNFORGETTABLE TEMPTATIONS

                                                 MS TRINA STROMFIELD

Classic with Style produced another Fashion Show this Saturday February 9th on one of its many Runways,

this time the RED CARPET Runway had the honor to showcase the beautiful creations of Ms Trina


                                             GROUP PICTURE CLASSIC WITH STYLE MODELS


LadySunfire Erin

Laylah Lecker

Liberty Lighthouse

Lisana Rossen

Summit Beaumont

Trishia Denver

                                                             Vicky Yongbo

Here below I want to share with you the designs I had the pleasure to showcase !


A blue printed mesh dress with a strapless top and straight bust line.

The skirt is made in several layers topping each other. The dress is fluid and is perfect for a sunny day out!

Ladies, a must have for the coming Spring!


A most sexy tight black half top IN LEOPARD with long sleeves and a round neckline with  a large cut on

the upper chest,  leaving bare a large midriff. .

Topping the shirt a leopard/ black jacket with sleeves until the elbows.  The black long pants with its large

cuffs in leopard and a hanging aside on the hips large belt enhanced with a large buckle finishing this sexy set.

A set with attitude!


The top of this set is a strapless red/white printed mesh corset with a slightly curved bust line enhancing your

upper breasts beautifully. A large bow with falling straps between breasts gives it a very feminine touch.

The corset tops a slightly pleated mini prim skirt in the same white and red pattern.

High overknee red mesh boots completes this set in a very elegant way.

Taxi to the Store :

jeudi 7 février 2013



                                            FASHION ANIA MODE

                                                   Ms Ania Lennie!

Two beautilul new releases are out at Fashion Ania Mode and I  am exited to share them here below with


                                                                           AMOR 3


                                                                       AMOR 2

Daybreak in Paris!  After dancing the night away!  The perfect gown for such an evening.

It calls attention to you with it's puffed up shoulders and long flowing skirt segments that give a sneak peak at

the dancer's legs.  Exquisite detail is shown in the bodice as well as the print of the skirt.

Available in yellow, green and magenta!

Then look at these wonderful , sexy short casual dresses here below!

                                                              COQUINE BLUE

                                                        COQUINE BLACK

Even the toadstools seem to take notice of this cute girlie dress!

Worn well off the shoulders the top leads to a tiny waistband.

The flourish of petticoats gives this creation life with the big exit at the back!

Taxi to the Store here below :

dimanche 3 février 2013


                                                               JAYGEE VOLLMAR

Saturday February 2nd  Classic with Style showcased the  beautiful Designs of JAYGEE VOLLMAR on

one of their various Runways, this time the BALLROOM RUNWAY was choosen !

Here below a group pic of all the Classic With Style Models present in the Fashion Show!

                                                       Classic with Style Models!

And here all the BRIDAL Designs I had the pleasure and the honor to present to the full audience present at the Show!


A splendid lace  white bridal gown with a beautiful bust line enhancing your breast in a marvelous way.,

 tightly against your upper body and disparaging under a beautiful very wide skirt  with a very long train.

 The bottom line of the skirt has a very large flowered lace texture all around.  Your gloves are covered with

a flowered garment and covering forearms till the fingers.

A beautiful transparent lace veil embellished with flowers are attached in the hair.

Stockings and thong are included in this gorgeous set!

Ladies this gorgeous gown is a must have for the biggest day of your life!


A beautiful Wedding Gown all in white  You can wear the top in 2 different ways, or with the small white

lace bolero covering your shoulders and arms till the wrists or without the bolero and then showing off a

beautiful slightly curved bust line by a lace bra ending under the bust line till the waist in a very transparent

lace . The skirt topped by a white ice bustle belt is wide and has a very long train. A white transparent veil is

attached in the hair and ends at the waist line in the back.

In this set underwear and stockings are included.

Such a gorgeous gown needs to be yours!


BACALL brings back the classy look from the past in wedding gowns.  A retro look that is pure elegance.

The lace bodice is supported by a sensual halter around the neck.  The flow of it continues down the arms

creating the most dainty look.  The simple skirt showcases the bodice by not bringing attention to itself.

The head piece again offers a simple yet delicate look, as it appears to spray around the bride's face.

Is there a more beautiful gown available?

If you are looking for a bridal gown just go over to JAYGEE VOLLMAR DESIGNS , there are so many

different Creations and I am sure you will find YOURS!

Taxi to the Mainstore here :



                                                  SASCHA'S DESIGNS

                          A new Release from Sacha's Designs , The LOVE ME GOWN

This beautiful LOVE ME Gown is available in many colors, just pick up yours!

Colors available : Pink - Black - Red - White - Moss - Purple - Seafoam - Fushia and Gold !

A strapless  mesh gown including gloves you can wear with or without the Sweeper Flexi Skirt.

A real beauty!

Here below I share with you another creation of Sascha , I am sure you will love it as much as I do!

POOPOO in white, also available in black!

A complete set with shirt and pants including a belt and a lovely Mesh collar long Vest .

A perfect set to wear in this time of the year!

These creations and so much more you can find if you take the taxi here below!

  LM to Sascha's Designs