samedi 26 janvier 2013


                                                            SASCHA' S DESIGNS


                                       Presents you here her  AVI CHOICE AWARD 2012 GOWN!!


                                           Yes, SACHA'S DESIGNS this year 2012 won again the award!!

        Let me show you the splendid gown Avi Choice Award 2012 Gown :

Isn't this Gown a pure Beauty with its golden color in different shades!

The wide skirt flows gentle around your legs by each of your steps .

The top of the gown is thighten around the the upper body and topped with a  bolero in full  lace.

You can wear this gown in different ways : without the bolero, showing off your shoulders or change the

wide skirt with a fluffer flexi skirt or sleek flexi skirt.

Want to try this beauty in the Store ?

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vendredi 25 janvier 2013



                                                                 DIAMOND STYLE

                                                 Ms Christy Hamer and Ms Cristal Triellis !

Yesterday I visited Diamond Style Mainstore and I fell in love with this cosy warm set!

It is called " ALEXIS" in mesh with different layers to choose from.

Here is the latest Creation Alexis!


Styling Card

*Diamond Style* - Akexis

*Diamond Style*Skin Doris Tan Make up 06

Vanity Hair:Closer-

je suis...naive v.2 NAILS Red

Taxi to the Mainstore here :


jeudi 24 janvier 2013



                                                        Ms NANY PIAGGIO

Wednesday January 23rd Classic with Style produced   another  Fashion Show introducing HIPNOSE from

 Ms Nany Piaggio on their runway called " The Ballroom".

                        Group pic of our Classic With Style Models on the Runway !

Now some of the Creations of HIPNOSE I had the pleasure to showcase!

                                                                 JRO 42

Just a sassy day time outfit for shopping or hanging out.  The mostly open blouse has a heavy collar and

turned up sleeves.  A loose chain belt brings the pants to the lowest part of the torso in a wild animal print.

Good news ladies, the sexy ankle high boots are included !!!

                                                                     REO 5

                                                                JRO 16

Just see how cute this great outfit is!  Tight across the midriff with a wonderful bow and baby's breath

centering the bodice. From just below the breasts the corset design tightens the midriff.  The skirt appears in

two lengths, giving you an option of early or evening wear.

A must have ladies!

You want to see more, here is your taxi! :

mardi 22 janvier 2013


                                                 VICTORIAV FASHIONS
                                                    Ms. VictoriaV Martiel

 Saturday January 19th a Fashion Show showcasing VICTORIAV Fashions was held on one of the

many runways of Classic With Style,  this time we rocked the Runway on the Black and White Stage!

                                                 Group Pic of our beautiful Classic with Style Models!

                                                                      BEATRIX in Red

                                                        BEATRIX in Blue

This evening gown is a real beauty with the long wrapped textured top showing off your shoulders and a

slender waist line. The black patterned lace tops half of the upper body. and gives a very feminine touch.

The skirt is wide and ends on an irregular bottom line, notice the fluid movement by each step you make.

EMILY in Red

This red evening gown keeps the open  strapless top with his slightly cut out bust line and topped with a 

patterned white lace shirt , long sleeves and a curved bottom line,  then  slips firmly over hips ending in a 

long, soft and shiny skirt.

                                                                    HELLEN casual

A very classy and elegant casual set ! A black Jacket with high topped shoulders and a slender cut at the

waist , slightly flared at the hips.  The jacket tops a black and white patterned and tight short skirt showing

off your beautiful long legs!


                                                         EMILY Gown Red-White

This red evening gown keeps the open  strapless top with his slightly cut out bust line and topped with a

patterned white lace shirt , long sleeves and a curved bottom line,  then  slips firmly over hips ending in a

long, soft and shiny skirt.

                                                            EMILY Formal Gown

EMILY here is a long red formal dress , the top is covered with a red patterned lace shirt, 3/4  sleeves and

still shows the curved bottom line. The skirt glides firmly over the hips showing off a slender waist line then

from mid- thigh flares up till the floor

                                                                EMILY  Ball Gown

This ball gown is completely in white with its open top showing off shoulders, topped with a red patterned

lace shirt with 3/4 sleeves and  a curved bottom line.  The very wide white skirt gives the impression you are

gliding over the floor instead of walking!

Here I share with you the designs I had the honor to wear on the Runway !

                                                                 EMILY  Ball Gown

                                                               SIDNEY Set

A very cute set including a minidress with a wide open cut in front and held by  two straps tied in the neck .

The minidress has a checkerboard black and silver pattern topping shiny short or long leggings in silver! You

can easily wear this set with boots or open shoes.

                                                                 GABRIELLE  in Black

All those beautiful creations you can find them here :

jeudi 10 janvier 2013


                                                                GLITTER FASHION

                                                              Ms SHINE MESSMER

Classic With Style once again produced a Fashion Show this Saturday January 5th on one of their

many Runways, this time it was the "BALLROOM" who had the honor to see the fabulous Creations

of  .......GLITTER FASHION !

                                              Our beautiful Classic With Style Models Group Pic

Now the next pics I love to share with you are the creations of GLITTER FASHION I had the pleasure to

present on the runway!

                                                    Dana mesh cocktail dress in red flowers

This  Design from Glitter is called "DANA"   This sexy little Cocktail Dress shows off your  shoulders in a

sensuous way with the straight bust-line. The texture gives the impression the dress is wrapped around you,

 the bottom-line has a up going cut and shows off your thigh  on the side. Here also the necklace is included

:) A must see ladies, so many colors available, plain colors or printed flowers textures.

                                                Karen Vest and Karen High waisted pants

Another lovely set of Glitter called KAREN, available again in several colors.  This set includes the KAREN

 Vest in mesh  buttoned in front with a high collar and a small belt at the waist.

 You can match it with white Jeans with cuffs or on the high waisted black pants with cuffs. Both pants are

included in the set!  A very elegant and classy set to have in your closet ladies!

                                                            IRIDISCENT MESH in Black

IRIDISCENT in mesh and available in  black, pink green and gold purple.  A wide low cut top with 2 straps 

joining in the neck. We have here a very low cut in the back too which shows off your back in a beautiful 

way.  The skirt finishes in a flourish of ruffles adding just enough sexiness.  The irregular hem gives it even 

more life!

You want to see more ?

Here is the taxi to the Mainstore :