lundi 18 juin 2012

HOUSE OF EUROPE - Owner and Designer Didier Rascon

Last Saturday June 16th I had the honour to wear and present those beautiful creations in a Fashion

Show with Classic With Style Corporation

Ladies those Creations need to be part of your wardrobe !

Here we have ANGELICA in red

All eyes will turn your way for sure!

And then this wild creation!

It is called " AFRICA"

When you wear it you really are The Queen of the Jungle!

It s a must to hop over to the Store, you will be amazed about the Creativity of Didier Rascon!

And Gentlemen you too should hop overthere, so many choices for you too!

Here is the taxi to the Store :

and if you don t feel for a walk today just go here :

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  1. I was at fashion show they held the 17th, and you are right, those dresses are beautiful!