mardi 24 juillet 2012

Creations of SASCHA'S DESIGNS !!


Owner and Designer

Sascha Frangilli

CRUELLA ELECTRIC blue is the name of this elegant gown.

Wherever you go heads will turn for sure!

 Peering down from the tower, I changed into TRUST SPRING in Peach gown by Sasha.

 The open neck with  the bolero gives this gown a less formal yet still elegant look.  The form fitting

mid-section shows off the figure.  Olala.

Before meeting with the ruler of a small but oil-rich Emirate, I pause to show off Sasha's red

 ATTERIS evening gown. The plunging neckline is piped with black ermine fur while the stunning

long skirt creates a short train behind her.  Formal gloves and hat complete this look, fit for a queen.

On a windswept balcony over looking the ocean, I wear Sasha's white cocktail dress called

EVANGELINA.  A fun look with the short frilly skirt.  Her face is framed with a high neck halter

done in white lace.  Stay away from the red wine! :)

And very important, you can wear all these designs in several ways, many options are available in

each outfit.!!

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