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                                                    STYLES BY DANIELLE

                                                       Ms DANI PLASSITZ

Classic with Style introduced STYLES BY DANIELLE on the BALLROOM Runway  Saturday

March 16th.

We had the pleasure and honor to showcase all the stunning creations of Ms Danni Plassitz !

                                                     Groupe Pic  Classic With Style Models

Here below let me share with you the creations I had the pleasure to showcase on the runway!

Thank you Ms Plassitz!


A lovely sweater in rigged mesh with it's horizontal bi color lines.  It's wide open V shaped cut out in front 

and off the shoulders long sleeves topping here a black faded unisex jeans you can modify if you want to 

wear boots!

Jeans are available in Black, Blue and Beige!
Sweater available  in 4 bi colors!

A comfy set to have!


DANIELLE MY LOVE is a playful dress you can wear either long or short!  The top of this dress shows off 

a deep open V shaped front bordered with flower shaped lace with a halter top strap around the neck.  The 

waist is held tightly by the satin fabric, then flows in layers of various length skirts, short in front and longer in 

the back. The other option is to wear the summer short skirt that flares up with each movement of your body 

and shows off your legs 

Two great looks for one price!  

                                                                       DANIELLE SAKURA

DANIELLE SAKURA  is just a gorgeous satin gown!!!   A flowered print  V shaped bust line with the top

under the breast line is gathered together on one side of the upper body.   A huge petal printed ruffle that

flows down into a very wide open side skirt which shows off your leg.  The back of the skirt is shaped as a

long train that undulates with every step you take.  Long satin gloves bordered with flowers on the upper

arms and a magnificent flower shaped headpiece giving the final touch to this gorgeous gown .

You will be the Flower amongst all flowers ladies!

Taxi to the Mainstore :

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