mardi 22 avril 2014

More from PROMAGIC!


                                                    PROMAGIC WRAP SKIRT

 Each girl really wants to have one of their own WRAP SKIRT, because it is the best way to show

 the best styles of woman's feminine features.

Brilliant colors catches the eye, so that you can always keep in a good mood, and make it easy for

 you to become the focus of the audience. You surely will be the star of the crowd with this WRAP

SKIRT highlighted  by a huge bow in the back . So just pick this  Skirt, and be captivating!

Available in : Amber, Amithyst, Beige, Bronze, Emerald, Khaki, Olive, Pinegreen, Salmon and


Taxi to the Mainstore :
Paracas (168,195,2044)

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