mardi 13 mai 2014



                                                        HIGH in black/red  ( slink high feet)

                                                       HIGH in black ( Slink high feet)

                                                           HIGH in black/white ( Slink high feet)


Strap and wrap those tootsies! Here is a new heel named HIGH( rigged mesh) from PROMAGIC

that gives you such variety. With the HUD provided you can change the foot color from clear to

50% tinted to completely black creating a mini boot look !  This exciting new heel is available in red

white and black straps.

Included also version  For Normal Feet (Non-Rigged Mesh )
The Opacity HUD will work only with Slink version of shoes to show  and hide the feet.

Time to get yours now!!

Taxi to the Mainstore :
Paracas (168,195,2044)

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