vendredi 27 juin 2014

Mu-Shi Doll - Essenz - Eyelure - {ZOZ} - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Designer Cercle!

I finished work earlier  today, and thinking  how I was going to spend the time. 

My mind started drifting, and I couldn't stop thinking ( big surprise! ) about womens clothing, and 

what new items I need....... so I walked over to the 82nd Designer Cercle round open until the 5th of 


Olala!! So much to see, I am sure I will spend some more time here the next few days!

Heyy look at this gorgeous :::Mu-Shi Doll::: Cross Over Dress in Red ( also in white)  matched with 

the superb Essenz - Berlin shoes for Slink mid feet in black ( 5  more colors available).

:::Mu-Shi Doll::: Cross Over Dress in Red 
Essenz - Berlin shoes in  black (  for Slink mid feet) 6 colors 
Slink   Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance)   

I also got this cute Eyelure Daisy Top in pink worn on a wonderful 7 Deadly s{K}ins called 

DC Blondie , the footwear comes from -{ZOZ}- Bella Wedges - Candy for slink high feet .

7 Deadly s{K}ins - DC Blondie
-{ZOZ}- Bella Wedges - Candy for slink high feet
Eyelure Daisy Top in pink
Eyelure mainstore  Mini Skirt in Pink 

For today that is all but I  will  be back this weekend with other fabulous designs to share!

Happy day all!

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