lundi 12 janvier 2015

Mishmash Fusion, Serenity Style, Domus Fair, Leaf on the Wind, Big Show Event, WLTB

Today I made up this background with the lovely items from "Serenity Style" present on 2 Events.
First we have "Leaf on the Wind Fundraising" running from January 10th until February 1st .
All "Serenity Style " items are 50% donation to try to help a lady in difficult times and to realize her dream : visit London.
You can read more here :
On the wall , above the fireplace, you can see "Serenity Style London gatcha" including two RARES! On the right side we have  "Serenity Style Sherlock silhouette" and a lovely "Tea Time Set" on the small table.

The 2nd Event is the DOMUS FAIR Winter Event starting on January 11th until  February 14th.
From Serenity Style comes the exclusive   "Nordic Fireplace" with lights and realistic fire on/off by touch, also the "Nordic Armchair & Table"  The armchair includes sit poses by menu and the table a light on/off by touch.

And last but not least I am comfy in this cute "Ether Bell Sleeve Sweater" mesh - 5 sizes from Mishmash Fusion which comes in 8 colors and only 100L each ! I teamed it up with the Mishmash Fusion "Skinny Jeans" in black ( comes in 8 colors too) only 25L each!

Mishmash Fusion Ether Bell Sleeve Sweater- Pink - WLTB
Mishmash Fusion Skinny Jeans- Black - WLTB
.::WoW Skins::. Noelle Bronze BB 05 CL- THE BIG SHOW EVENT 10-30 JAN
.::WoW Skins::. Lashes 2
tram  D602 hair / shell
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands/elegant 1

Leaf On The Wind fundraising Event ( 10- Feb 1 - WLTB
Serenity Style- Tea Time Set
Serenity Style- Sherlock silhouette
Serenity Style- London Gatcha
-Serenity Style- Flyer  British Flag
-Serenity Style- Flyer Tea
-Serenity Style- London Flyers RARE
-Serenity Style- Flyer London
-Serenity Style- Perfect Rainy Day RARE

Serenity Style- DOMUS FAIR ITEMS Jan 11 - Feb 14 - WLTB
Serenity Style-Nordic Fireplace
Serenity Style- Nordic Armchair & Table

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