jeudi 30 avril 2015

Morea Style, Weaponized Sugar,The Garage Fair 2015

Morea Style is at it again ... creating masterpieces ... this time with "Jilian" in white.  Can it be worn out to a party?  Is it just for the Boudoir?  You decided.  The intricate lace covers the body just enough as it flows from the shoulders into a less than modest plunging neckline.  The slant cut of the skirt exposes more leg than a Thanksgiving turkey but all done in wonderful quality and style.
Necklace, earrings and  all appliers included.
Available in White, Turquoise, Black, Azelnut and Rose.

Weaponized Sugar   brings us " Eyeshadows - Watercolor Halo ", 12 vibrant and sultry shadows on tattoo layers, omega appliers included.
Team it up with one of the 12 " Sweetheart Lips - Urban Neutrals" lipsticks including Omega, Sweetlips, and Loud mouth appliers .
To complete Weaponized Sugar  features this superb Finger and Toe Nail Polish " Urban Neutrals Collection" hud controlled with a choice of 12 colors!
Available at THE GARAGE FAIR 2015>May 10

MOREA STYLE - JILIANE White ( Maitreya appliers)
SUGARUSH _ Debra _Neutral_ 05
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Shape : my own
Ikon Sovereign Eyes
{Weaponized Sugar}Watercolor Halo eyeshadow - Rosy Brown>GARAGE FAIR 2015 >May 10
*MC* "Falsies" Eyelash
Eyelure Photoreal Teeth
{Weaponized Sugar}: Sweetheart lips - Primrose>GARAGE FAIR 2015 >May 10
{Weaponized Sugar}: Sweetheart lips - Gloss layer >GARAGE FAIR 2015 >May 10
{Weaponized Sugar}: Multi-Nails HUD - manicure/pedicure - Urban Neutrals Collection>GARAGE FAIR 2015 >May 10
Collection MOREA STYLE * DELICE - Heels Slink High - hud controlled
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant 1/Feet High

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