lundi 17 août 2015

Daines Designs, Dulce Secrets, Loordes of London, Sky Summerwind, Pulcino, Color Me Project, Designer Showcase,WLTB

Today we have a New pair of separates both from Daines Designs .  The top " Tania" is a low-cut blouse that has a decorative band just below the breasts.  Two straps support the top which has a linen texture appearance.
The mini skirt " Jasmine" in black is double slit on both sides with an accent of metal links across the tummy and in the back. 

Dulce Secrets brings gorgeous mesh and system eyes to us, one of them is called " Warbler Terra Firma Eyes" but there is a wide choice  of different shades to discover at The Designer Showcase August Round.

Sky Summerwind is at the Color Me Project Event with a lovely set of exclusive earrings called "Imagine" includes metal choice silver or gold and stone white or black .

Pulcino features a splendid Slink finger and toenail polish " Backstroke"
hud driven with a choice of 10 colors.

The somewhat simple heels called "Cuir De La #2"  from Loordes of London  are strapped across the ankle and laced up the back. Requires Slink High Feet.
Available in several colors.

SUGARUSH _ Edda _Apricot_ 02
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Shape : my own         
::Dulce Secrets:: Warbler Terra Firma Eyes> Designer Showcase August Round- WLTB
*MC* "Falsies" Eyelash
Eyelure Photoreal Teeth
Eyelure Kiss Me - Plum
elikatira Hilary
Sky Summerwind - Imagine Earring > Color Me Project August Round
Daines Designs - Tania Blouse
Daines Designs -  Jasmine skirt
*pulcino*: Slink finger and toenail Applier "backstroke" - WLTB
Loordes of London-Cuir De La-2 - WLTB
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1/Feet High

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