dimanche 9 octobre 2016

Wow Skins, Lillou's Designs, Nord Embel'Lys, Rock Your Rack Event, Designer Showcase.

Wow Skins released a new Catwa Applier called " Lilac" available in 6 shades ( milk, Tan, Golden, Dark Tan, Bronze, Caffe). Each shade includes option no eyebrows!
> Designer Showcase

From Lillou's Designs we have " Alexandra" in mesh five sizes, including Headpiece and over the elbow gloves.  The skirt starts just under the breasts and fits tightly to the knee where it begins to flow.  There is a bit of trailing material that dances when you do!100% proceeds goes to National Breast Cancer Foundation. 100% Exclusive Release for Rock Your Rack Event

Nord Embel'Lys Jewelry spoiles its members with this delicate groupgift " Perles d'Argent" including earrings and necklace made of exquisite pearls.

CATWA HEAD Jessica V4.9
CATWA Shape - modified
WoW Skins::. 2016 Lilac Bronze Catwa applier > Designer Showcase > Oct 30
MESANGE - Melusine Mini Pack 2 Omega #7 > Designer Circle140 > Oct15
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
.::WoW Skins::. 2016 Maitreya Mesh body applier
enVOGUE HAIR - Layka
[Lillou's Designs] Alexandra - 100% Exclusive Release for Rock Your Rack Event > October 16
Nord Embel'Lys  Perles d'Argent Set GROUP GIFT
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant/Feet High

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