jeudi 11 avril 2019

Petit Chat , The Chapter Four Event .

Old Mother Hubbard, she went to the cupboard and wow, what a surprise.
There in the back, with the crockery pack were items that opened her eyes.
The Manosque set was one she must get
One of the season's best buys!
All these cute things all in one package!

Petit Chat Manosque Cupboard > Chapter Four Event > April 4- 30
* Cupboards - Available in color pack (each pack includes plain color and bi-color version) or in Fatpack

Petit Chat Manosque Stoneware Crockery> Chapter Four Event > April 4- 30
* includes :
- Tray, single plate and pile of plates
- Salt, Pepper, Sugar bowl, Ramekins,
- Pitcher, Egg cup and Egg cups x4,
- Tumbler and Tumblers x6,
- Mug and Mugs x6.

Cupboards and crockery set are sold separately. 4 colors available for each.
Fatpack available for cupboards and same for Crockery with all colors.

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