lundi 7 décembre 2020

SlackGirl, Tulssy Nail's Art, The MakeOver Room, WIP Event

LeLUTKA.Head.River.2.5 Evo

Nuve. Lucy (Lelutka Evolution) Peach browless  head/body- BOM
SlackGirl LeL Evolution HD Shad 79> The MakeOver Room open December 1st - 25th
Lelutka Evolution only!
Hud driven 8 different shades.
Tulssy Nail's Art - Abstract  Almond > WIP Event open December 2nd - 22nd
* Includes Bento mesh Nails
* Almond and Coffin Versions
* Hud driven Mix and Match
* 100% originam mesh and textures.
Romazin - Earrings <Gloria

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