dimanche 9 décembre 2012


Saturday December 8th there was another fabulous Fashion Show on one of the many Runways, this
 time we used the Red Carpet Runway to showcase the Designs of Ms Sage Pexie!
Group Picture of all Classic with Style Models in the Fashion Show
CWS Super Model Ladysunfire Erin

 CWS New Model 2012 Caralyne Melody

                                                          CWS Super Model Laci Rossini

CWS Super Model Laylah Lecker
CWS new Model2012 Lizzylola

CWS Super Model Lisana Rossen

 CWS Super Model  Sidney Abbot

CWS Super Model Tiffany Celestalis
Here I present you all the Designs I had the pleasure to showcase in the Fashion Show
 Flirty Top Red in mesh on a Flirty Jean faded !
Casual yet stay classic in this everyday outfit called FLIRTY by Sage.  A small group with three very
 comfortable jeans in different colors, light blue, dark and faded.
A very sexy top rigged mesh, with a cris-cross neck closure. A thin black empire band under the
breasts emphasizes the chest giving the outfit a cute finished look.
A sexy two piece design with an Asian  touch. The top shows  a high chocker collar with clasp. 
 The chest reveals a cute cut-out offering a peek-a-boo view of the breasts.  The clasped halter cut top
 reveals more skin across the tummy as it sweeps up under the breasts. The miniskirt is also closes on
 the hip and upper leg by with the same clasp.  Light and airy and oh so sexy!  Available in Teal,
Beige, Black and Red.
A petite ensemble including the short and sexy jacket that can be worn over the shell halter top.
Different fabric choices of the halter add great options to this sporty outfit.   The highly detailed belt
in the same tone as the top emphasizes the chest creating a special look. This belt is available in black
also.  Accordingly, you can mix and match the belt color with the halter, depending on the look you
want.  The halter choices in houndstooth, circles vines and tiger prints add so much more choice.
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