lundi 17 décembre 2012


Another beautiful Fashion Show on Classic With Style Avenue this past Saturday Dec 15th on one of
their many Runways!
Here we showcased the gorgeous Lingerie from CARRIE'S  on the Ballroom Runway!
Group Pic of our CWS Models
I made some pics of the Designs I had the pleasure to wear in the Show and I am happy to share them
with you !
                                                                        EVIE MIX IT

This set is available in gold, red and striped. The small lingerie ensemble is very attractive. A push up

 bra with black lace on the top enhancing the breasts and a small bow in the between. We find this

little bow  Also on the top of the panties who are scalloped on the bottom with the same lace that

gives a very seductive  touch .

 A pair of thin black transparent silk stockings  lined with the same lace on the top finishes this

ensemble in a highly attractive set!

You can add also a corset that fits very tight at the waist and a  mini  skirt finished with black lace on

 the ensemble here above .

Isn't this hot hot hot ??

Your man will totally agree!

                                                                 Emily in Navy

A gorgeous set you can wear in several ways. First of all a lingerie wearing bra and panties topped

with white lace , finishing with the white transparent stockings also topped with white lace.

You want to be more formal but still sexy ? You  can add a corset dress top and side slit pants with

 gown and skirt and you are ready to go to the ball.   Or add a long corset top with a  nightie skirt and

end the evening with the one so close to you.  Three ... three .... three outfits in one!
A must have ladies, and soooooo sexy!

Taxi to the Mainstore here :

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