jeudi 10 janvier 2013


                                                                GLITTER FASHION

                                                              Ms SHINE MESSMER

Classic With Style once again produced a Fashion Show this Saturday January 5th on one of their

many Runways, this time it was the "BALLROOM" who had the honor to see the fabulous Creations

of  .......GLITTER FASHION !

                                              Our beautiful Classic With Style Models Group Pic

Now the next pics I love to share with you are the creations of GLITTER FASHION I had the pleasure to

present on the runway!

                                                    Dana mesh cocktail dress in red flowers

This  Design from Glitter is called "DANA"   This sexy little Cocktail Dress shows off your  shoulders in a

sensuous way with the straight bust-line. The texture gives the impression the dress is wrapped around you,

 the bottom-line has a up going cut and shows off your thigh  on the side. Here also the necklace is included

:) A must see ladies, so many colors available, plain colors or printed flowers textures.

                                                Karen Vest and Karen High waisted pants

Another lovely set of Glitter called KAREN, available again in several colors.  This set includes the KAREN

 Vest in mesh  buttoned in front with a high collar and a small belt at the waist.

 You can match it with white Jeans with cuffs or on the high waisted black pants with cuffs. Both pants are

included in the set!  A very elegant and classy set to have in your closet ladies!

                                                            IRIDISCENT MESH in Black

IRIDISCENT in mesh and available in  black, pink green and gold purple.  A wide low cut top with 2 straps 

joining in the neck. We have here a very low cut in the back too which shows off your back in a beautiful 

way.  The skirt finishes in a flourish of ruffles adding just enough sexiness.  The irregular hem gives it even 

more life!

You want to see more ?

Here is the taxi to the Mainstore :

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