jeudi 24 janvier 2013



                                                        Ms NANY PIAGGIO

Wednesday January 23rd Classic with Style produced   another  Fashion Show introducing HIPNOSE from

 Ms Nany Piaggio on their runway called " The Ballroom".

                        Group pic of our Classic With Style Models on the Runway !

Now some of the Creations of HIPNOSE I had the pleasure to showcase!

                                                                 JRO 42

Just a sassy day time outfit for shopping or hanging out.  The mostly open blouse has a heavy collar and

turned up sleeves.  A loose chain belt brings the pants to the lowest part of the torso in a wild animal print.

Good news ladies, the sexy ankle high boots are included !!!

                                                                     REO 5

                                                                JRO 16

Just see how cute this great outfit is!  Tight across the midriff with a wonderful bow and baby's breath

centering the bodice. From just below the breasts the corset design tightens the midriff.  The skirt appears in

two lengths, giving you an option of early or evening wear.

A must have ladies!

You want to see more, here is your taxi! :

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