mardi 9 septembre 2014

ASHMOOT, BabyDoll., Designer Circle 87

Designer Circle 87 is running through September 13th , take the Taxi and have a look !

ASHMOOT features a lovely short  strapless flower printed dress called Dolls Coll_Dolly Dress 04 

in a unique style... we see the dress covered with a crinoline skirt worn  over the dress! You also

 have another color available, just try the demo and choose yours and why not both ?!

Then we have from BabyDoll. some super beautiful high heels for Slink High feet  you should

come and grab them  ! You have 4 different colors with or without prints. Those shown here are

called Princess Heels/ Cyan !

AsHmOoT_Dolls Coll_Dolly Dress
:WoW Skins::. KimY Tan
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands/Elegant - Feet/High
BabyDoll. Princess Heels / Cyan ( for Slink high Feet)
Baubles! by Phe Fringe earrings, Handbangle and bangle
""D!va"" Hair Ruri"
JaM -Slink Finger and Toenails -Tabata

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