mercredi 3 septembre 2014

E-Clipse, Loordes of London, JaM, Designer Circle 87

Designer Circle 87 is running until September 13th so take the Taxi and go to grab these superb

products from some of the finest Designers on the grid!

Here we have a one piece romper with a sateen look from E-Clipse called "ShortDungarees 

Baroque" hemmed at the top and bottom with a lovely paisley print also the sash

tied around the hips. Available in 5 different prints.

My Slink High Feet are in a pair of lovely "Pinup Pumps #1" from Loordes of London!

These Pinup Pumps are available in 5 different colors!

Jam is decorating my Finger and ToeNails with the beautiful "Slink FINGERNAILS-Tabata"

polish 10 colors.

E-Clipse ShortDungarees Baroque
Loordes of London-Pinup Pumps-#1
JaM -Slink FINGERNAILS-Tabata ( 10 colors hud cotrolled)
JaM -Slink TOENAILS-Tabata ( 10 colors hud controlled)
::WoW Skins::. KimY Bronze CL
(Dahlinks )Orion Bracelets
*VoguE*  Gift of the Month Necklace
enVOGUE HAIR - Anabelle
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands/Elegant - Feet/High

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