vendredi 14 novembre 2014

DuckNipple !

 The business of business is business as they say.... but in my world it's fashion! This is a great example of dressing for business in a fun way. Starting with a crisp dress shirt and tie in a world of color choices.That is covered with a waist length blazer that is tailor cut to fit close. The shorts are very short! That should improve your business results! ;)
"Danny Outfit "from DuckNipple is Hud controlled with 12 different colors for jacket and tie + a wide array of colors for the shirt.

The leather shorts called " Slush Shorts " comes from Ducknipple also and I found it fun to team it up with the jacket. Hud controlled.

Then these  heels named " Geeky heels" from Ducknipple also , they  require Slink high feet and are hud controlled 12 colors. Notice the skulls on the sides and top of the shoes and on the back huge and small studs with its hanging big cross on the heel. Superb no ?

DuckNipple Mesh: Danny Outfit w HUD
DuckNipple Mesh: Slush Shorts
DuckNipple Mesh: Geeky Heels
:WoW Skins::. Jaz Bronze CL >> FRESH STYLE SALE ROOM
elikatira Jennie
::Enchanted Ink:: [ Destiny Eyelashes]
MONS / Makeups - black eyeliner

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