mercredi 26 novembre 2014

*Pelle* , *Preptopia*, **Formanails**, *Icewerk Mesh*, Designer Circle93

Designer Circle 93 runs until December 6th so hop over and take advantage of all these high quality items featured by our talented designers!

 It's almost fur season in SL! Of course that means no animals were injured in the making of these items. Here we have from * Icewerk Mesh* a gorgeous outfit called " Cozy Chic" The fur jacket is done in a luscious color blend with a high collar and cuffed sleeves. The belt is a cute bow done in black leather. The slitted skirt is just the right length for the jacket and is cut straight from the waist.

Featuring from *Pelle* a delightful skin called " Jeanna Med Skin with make up"
I used here the " Jeanna  Med  Skin nature" adding " Alpha teeth", "Pelle Make Up - Pale lipstick" and "Pelle Make Up - Smooth  eyeshadow  black".
You have a huge choice of make ups in the folder so you can match them depending what you are wearing.
Also are available separately all appliers for your needs!

Do you want super long and pointy nails ? Don't search anymore! They are here !
*Formanails* features these gorgeous "Nails Form Stiletto " for Slink Hands Elegant/Elegant1 and casual with a 5 colors choice!

From *Preptopia* we have these superb "New York Booties" in Mud. Aren't they beautiful ? Remember these booties require Slink High Feet.
Available in Mud, Rose and Moss.

[ICEWERK MESH] Cozy Chic -
PELLE - Jeanna  Med  Skin nature
PELLE - Alpha teeth
PELLE MAKE UP - Smooth  eyeshadow  black
PELLE MAKE UP - Pale lipstick
*Preptopia* New York Booties Mud
**{FORMANAILS}**For Slink Hand
 Amorous : Ecks Earrings
""D!va"" Hair Ruri"
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands/elegant 1 - Feet/high-

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