samedi 28 février 2015

Sky Summerwind, Eyelure, Glint, Miss Canning, Olala Event , WLTB

I have put together a couple of designers releases to create a retro hippie look.  First the "Love Tank" in grey ( mesh - 5 sizes) from Eyelure  is a crop top athletic look with the hippie mantra of Love on the center front.
Available in grey, blue, white and grey stripe .

The "Ombre Acid Washed Capris" mesh - 5 sizes  come from Sky Summerwind in a cosmic blend of rainbow colors right out of a "smoky" moment lol .  The studded belt is a perfect addition to the look.  The length ends below the knee for bike riding.  :) Hud controlled 8 superb colors.

Glint brings us " Heavenly skies" in white ,  a superb Jewelry Set including necklace, earrings and bracelet. You can find this set at the OLALA Event starting on March 1st and running until March 20th. ( LM not available yet )

From Miss Canning we have the Slink "Larissa Flats" hud controlled to choose between different colors . Requires Slink Flat feet. (TMP version included)

Sugarush _ Lila _Neutral NEW
Eyelure Photoreal Teeth w/ shape 6    NEW
Eyelure Love Tank   Grey  NEW
Sky Summerwind- Ombre Acid Washed Capris NEW
.:Glint:. Heavenly skies - earrings, necklace , bracelet - white  Olala Event : march 1 - 20th. -WLTB
:: Miss Canning :: Larissa Flats -Slink Feet FLAT - WLTB
[monso] My Hair - Yong
Slink Hands elegant1/feet/Flat

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