dimanche 1 mars 2015

Sascha's Design! NEW!

As we near the end of winter here is a sparkle gown ( mesh 50%) from Sascha's Designs that evokes a snowy night .... called "Choices".   The shimmering sequenced material steals the show but the design is also very intriguing.  It begins on a single shoulder and drapes over the breasts with a slit that ends at the waist.  The same slit starts again on the thigh to the floor.  Also included are the 3/4 length gloves ( hud controlled with a choice of hand positions) and the unique headpiece that no doubt will turn heads!
Available in different colors!

Sascha's Design - Choices White - NEW
Sugarush _ Elsa _Neutral_ 03 _Eyebrow E - NEW
Eyelure Photoreal Teeth  + shape 5  - NEW
TnO::Atomic cherry glossy
Finesmith Love stilettos-
Boudoir :Messy updo silver
Slink Hands elegant1/feet/High .

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