lundi 10 décembre 2018

Dictatorshop, Petit Chat, Seduction Fair, The Secret Affair.

[Dictatorshop] Frosty Swing - Multiversion v1.0 > Seduction Fair > Dec 21
* 20% off normal price during the event !
* This version has a choice of three rezzable swings inside (rezzing happens from the logo button on the back of the tree).
* PG Swing -  125 animations with a large variety of individually controlled single sits as well as lots of fun PG cuddles, kisses and socializing. 
* AdultVanilla Swing - contains over 225 quality animations with all of the PG content as well as lots of fun sex for those not needing the kinkier stuff.
* AdultKink Swing - contains over 285 quality animations with all of the above content in addition to some Femdom and Maledom "livingroom bondage" fun. 

*Petit Chat* Santa's Signs >  The Secret Affair >  January 5th
* *PC* Santa's  Stand Sign-Blue
* *PC* Santa's  Stand Sign-Snowy-Dark Wood
* *PC* Santa's  Wall Sign-Snowy-Green
* *PC* Santa's  Wall Sign-Grey
* *PC* Santa's  Stand Sign-Snowy-Red
* *PC* Santa's  Stand Sign-Mirror-Snowy-Natural
This set of signs includes : Wall signs in snowy and non snowy version, and mirror versions. Standing signs in snowy and non snowy version and mirror versions.
8 signs for each color versions.
Great for Christmas decors but not only, as you may also customize your own text for other contexts.
6 colors available : Blue, Grey, Green, Dark Wood, Natural Wood, Red
Fatpack available

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