mercredi 13 août 2014

Pink Cherry, Icons of Style & Designer Circle 85

You will feel like going 'up.. up.. and away!' with this Zipped Leather Dress "Angelique"

Black/White  from PINK CHERRY . Thin straps bring it over the shoulders and connect

 to the vee shaped bodice. The piping is in white and it is bound by three tummy clasps.

 The length is short so be careful who you fly over!!

Available also in White /Pink so why not take them both!.

The balloon poses are from Icons of Style.  The set includes six poses with  multicolored balloons

You should try them out! they are a lot of fun !

You want these items ? Then hop over to The Designer Circle 85 running till the 16th.

Pink Cherry Zipped Leather Dress "Angelique" - BlackW
IOS Balloons Pose 3 (multicolor)
WoW Skins::. Rayene Tan
Eyelure Lip Love   BalletPink
Eyelure Liquid Liner -  Black
Amorous : Chimera Onyx Pearl
VoguE* March Gift of the Month necklace
IOS Balloons Pose 3 (multicolor)
Essenz - Toronto
Truth Hair Qopi
Slink AvEnhance hands Elegant and feet Mid

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