dimanche 3 février 2013


                                                               JAYGEE VOLLMAR

Saturday February 2nd  Classic with Style showcased the  beautiful Designs of JAYGEE VOLLMAR on

one of their various Runways, this time the BALLROOM RUNWAY was choosen !

Here below a group pic of all the Classic With Style Models present in the Fashion Show!

                                                       Classic with Style Models!

And here all the BRIDAL Designs I had the pleasure and the honor to present to the full audience present at the Show!


A splendid lace  white bridal gown with a beautiful bust line enhancing your breast in a marvelous way.,

 tightly against your upper body and disparaging under a beautiful very wide skirt  with a very long train.

 The bottom line of the skirt has a very large flowered lace texture all around.  Your gloves are covered with

a flowered garment and covering forearms till the fingers.

A beautiful transparent lace veil embellished with flowers are attached in the hair.

Stockings and thong are included in this gorgeous set!

Ladies this gorgeous gown is a must have for the biggest day of your life!


A beautiful Wedding Gown all in white  You can wear the top in 2 different ways, or with the small white

lace bolero covering your shoulders and arms till the wrists or without the bolero and then showing off a

beautiful slightly curved bust line by a lace bra ending under the bust line till the waist in a very transparent

lace . The skirt topped by a white ice bustle belt is wide and has a very long train. A white transparent veil is

attached in the hair and ends at the waist line in the back.

In this set underwear and stockings are included.

Such a gorgeous gown needs to be yours!


BACALL brings back the classy look from the past in wedding gowns.  A retro look that is pure elegance.

The lace bodice is supported by a sensual halter around the neck.  The flow of it continues down the arms

creating the most dainty look.  The simple skirt showcases the bodice by not bringing attention to itself.

The head piece again offers a simple yet delicate look, as it appears to spray around the bride's face.

Is there a more beautiful gown available?

If you are looking for a bridal gown just go over to JAYGEE VOLLMAR DESIGNS , there are so many

different Creations and I am sure you will find YOURS!

Taxi to the Mainstore here :


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