lundi 25 février 2013

BEROY Shoes and Accessories!


                                                    Ms  LaDuh Kimagawa

 As I walked last week I stopped in a small Shoe and Accessories Store  called BEROY and I loved

 the Creations of Ms LaDuh Kimagawa

Let me share with you her Designs!

                                                       BEROY WOOL Bottles

Kitty has no edge on me as I can jump right on the table with these great beroy WOOL BOTTLES  shoes

and leggings from Belroy !

Available in Pink , brown, Purple and Greenwater!

                                                      BEROY LEO BOTTLES

Just me and kitty relaxing while I stay warm in my new LEO BOTTLES  from Belroy.  Great heels blend

into upper leggings that keep me toasty on these cold days!

Available in : brown, Blue and Black

                                      BEROY "SAKURA" SHOES AND HEADBAND

A quiet moment talking to my favorite plant and goldfish .... while wearing Belroy's sakura shoes with a

platform heel, matched with cute little socks..... There is even a  matching hairband with the cutest flower!

Shoes available in : White Y , Red, Pink, Green and Blue!

Hairband available in : Black , Blue, Green, Pink , Red and WhiteY!

Taxi to the Mainstore

Holanbra (46,24,24)

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