dimanche 10 février 2013



                                          UNFORGETTABLE TEMPTATIONS

                                                 MS TRINA STROMFIELD

Classic with Style produced another Fashion Show this Saturday February 9th on one of its many Runways,

this time the RED CARPET Runway had the honor to showcase the beautiful creations of Ms Trina


                                             GROUP PICTURE CLASSIC WITH STYLE MODELS


LadySunfire Erin

Laylah Lecker

Liberty Lighthouse

Lisana Rossen

Summit Beaumont

Trishia Denver

                                                             Vicky Yongbo

Here below I want to share with you the designs I had the pleasure to showcase !


A blue printed mesh dress with a strapless top and straight bust line.

The skirt is made in several layers topping each other. The dress is fluid and is perfect for a sunny day out!

Ladies, a must have for the coming Spring!


A most sexy tight black half top IN LEOPARD with long sleeves and a round neckline with  a large cut on

the upper chest,  leaving bare a large midriff. .

Topping the shirt a leopard/ black jacket with sleeves until the elbows.  The black long pants with its large

cuffs in leopard and a hanging aside on the hips large belt enhanced with a large buckle finishing this sexy set.

A set with attitude!


The top of this set is a strapless red/white printed mesh corset with a slightly curved bust line enhancing your

upper breasts beautifully. A large bow with falling straps between breasts gives it a very feminine touch.

The corset tops a slightly pleated mini prim skirt in the same white and red pattern.

High overknee red mesh boots completes this set in a very elegant way.

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