jeudi 7 février 2013



                                            FASHION ANIA MODE

                                                   Ms Ania Lennie!

Two beautilul new releases are out at Fashion Ania Mode and I  am exited to share them here below with


                                                                           AMOR 3


                                                                       AMOR 2

Daybreak in Paris!  After dancing the night away!  The perfect gown for such an evening.

It calls attention to you with it's puffed up shoulders and long flowing skirt segments that give a sneak peak at

the dancer's legs.  Exquisite detail is shown in the bodice as well as the print of the skirt.

Available in yellow, green and magenta!

Then look at these wonderful , sexy short casual dresses here below!

                                                              COQUINE BLUE

                                                        COQUINE BLACK

Even the toadstools seem to take notice of this cute girlie dress!

Worn well off the shoulders the top leads to a tiny waistband.

The flourish of petticoats gives this creation life with the big exit at the back!

Taxi to the Store here below :

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